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Hello My Fellow Starlights!

On April 26th, Vixx took home the 1st place trophy for their latest single 'Dynamite' on The Show ! :) Congratulations Vixx! You guys worked very hard! We are very proud. Fighting!

Vixx performing 'Dynamite' at The Show. They are seriously killing me xD ♡♡♡

Vixx wins 1st place!! They were up against UP10TION’s “Attention” and Super Junior Yesung’s “Here I Am.” Vixx won with 8,841 points against 5,493 and 7,496 points.

Good Job vixx! ♡

The link & If you want to find out who all performed at The Show, check out this link! (Credit to Koreaboo)
On April 27th, Vixx took home their second 1st place trophy for 'Dynamite' on Show Champion! Our boys are slaying! yass xD Congrats again to Vixx! ♡♡♡

Vixx performing 'Dynamite' at Show Champion. Wow Vixx dancing in the rain.. my feels xD * but I was worried a little because I don't want them to get hurt DX be careful oppas!

Vixx wins 1st place! :)

I hope no one got sick from that rain DX

Encore stage :D ♡

The link & If you want to find out who all performed at Show Champion : (Credit to Koreaboo)
'Dynamite' is a awesome song xD Who else digs this song? :) Congratulations again to Vixx who always work hard and make good music! ♡ *Kpopint does not own any of these photos or videos.

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Omgeee Up10 tion attention Omgeee i am soooooooooo proud to be even nominated this us huge Wowwwww I am sorry i am happy for vixx but seeing up10tion with this many votes makes me feel like a proud mom so proud of my babies lol nd congratulations to vixx love you guys 💟💟❤❤❤😍😘😘😘😘😘
atta boys~~ ❤