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So today's promt is if you got stranded on an island with a person from FT then who would it be.

Juvia Lockser

For me I would like to be with Juvia. I feel we would get along and could relate to a lot of things so we could enjoy each other's company. But I also think she would be very useful.
For one she can control water so when it comes to getting drinking water that can be useful. She is known for being able to heat water and yes I know this is when her emotions when ramped but if it was a life or death situation then I think she could pull it off.
Also she can use her water lock magic to catch fish for food.
She can use her water slicing magic for many things. Like fending off predators or slicing fruit off of trees.
I'm trying to work,out so senpai notices me
@TBird ya Juvia is one of my favorite characters
awww u picked the same person
Good choice
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