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We're all waiting for the day.

Going wedding dress shopping can be hectic, but most of all -- it can be beautiful. In the video seen below, BuzzFeedYellow takes us into the infamous bridal gown shop on the popular series 'Say Yes to the Dress'.
I mean seriously, what woman doesn't dream of getting her girls and her mom together for a day that will be remembered for a lifetime full of laughter, tears and continuous changing. Can you imagine? Neither can I, but the woman in the video below had such an opportunity and it's our turn to live vicariously through her experience. Keep scrolling and check out the video below.

What do you want your wedding dress to look like?

Do you like any of the dresses in the video seen above?
@Ticasensei I love that tip you left at the end. I agree. You never know, you might just fall in love with that one look you always swore you hated.
I want a simple dress as well and that sounds beautiful!!! Love the idea of accents @jazziejazz
I really did not like any of the dresses. when I went looking for dresses I knew I wanted a body fitting, mermaid look, it had to be white as well. then for some reason I asked my fiance what did he picture me in, and he said like a princess gown, so I looked into it but was just not my thing, I think it's important to try things you think you would not like because you never know.
I want something simple. but I have heard that dresses that look simple are sometimes pricey.i def want butterfly accents and Jasmine flowers.
I want a ball gown so hope it's as easy as her process
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