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Today is Kim Sungkyu's bday in Korea and he turns 28 (27 internationally) this year! I will dedicate this card to how awesome this person is!
As you know, Kim Sungkyu is the oldest member of Infinite and he is the leader of the group. He was once the lead singer of a rock band before he auditioned for SM (twice) and then once at the company of his favorite musician Neil (I believe that is his name but I maybe wrong). As he was auditioning, he lightly threatened the judges to accept him or else he will bother them forever because of stomach pains in his chest. After that audition, he went to the hospital because of his stomach pains and had to stay there for quite some time. When he was discharged from the hospital, he got a letter from the company that Neil works for saying that he had passed his audition. He went home that day knowing that he had been accepted to that company, but instead of becoming a rock artist, he became the oldest member and leader of a dance team which is what we now know today as Infinite.
On an episode of high society, Sungkyu talked about his childhood and how hard it was not only on him but his parents as well. His mom had lost her job due to the financial crisis back in 1997(the year of my birth) when Sungkyu was only 8 years old. He recalls having to live at a friend's house and how badly he mistreated his friend and how much trouble his mom put him in, he also says that he's scared of his mom because she had punished him so much that he can hardly take it but he had to because it was his mom. Sungkyu had a dream of becoming a rock singer but his parents were not on his side so he got kicked out of the house, moved to Seoul and auditioned several times until he had been accepted at a music company. From there his career took off as he became the leader and main vocalist of Infinite.
I hope you all enjoy my card!!!!!!!! Happy bday Sungkyu!!!!!!!!!
@ScarletMermaid me too! He deserves to be loved by all his fans worldwide!!!!
Happy Birthday, Sungkyu! I love him! I hope he had a great day he deserves it ♡