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So this week I'm taking the time to introduce each member of Ikon to those who would like to learn more about Ikon if you missed the other ones the links are below http://www.vingle.net/posts/1551832?shsrc=v http://www.vingle.net/posts/1553573?shsrc=v Real name: Kim Jiwon Goes by: Bobby Nickname: Bunny ( Funny because I have always been called bunny xD) , Kimbap Position: Rapper, Mood maker Birthday: December 21, 1995 Age: 21 ( international age) Height: 5'10" Motto: Follow my dreams depending on how I feel.
Bobby moved to America when he was younger, But returned to Korea alone after graduating middle school. Bobby almost drowned when he was younger, but was saved But he never saw the person and doesn't know who it was that saved him ( He thinks it was an old woman but she disappeared before he saw them.) Bobby started rapping because he wanted to gain girls attention. According to him girls like guys who excel in either singing, rapping or dancing. Bobby is obsessed with Winnie the Pooh and still has a pooh bear from his childhood.
Bobby swears he is ugly ( We all know that's a lie though) The members say he is the mood maker in the group. And he smiles and laughs all the time even when he is angry. ( Once again funny because I do the same dang thing.) Has a tattoo on the middle of his back that says " Fear only god, Hate only sin." Is an early bird members say he is usually up at 6:30 and he cooks himself breakfast or orders out. ( The members only eat breakfast when they are abroad except Bobby who does it all the time which they find weird)
Everyone says he is awkward with Ju-ne, but they really aren't at all they are really close just not as close as they are with others. Winner of Smtm3. The members also revealed that he talks in his sleep and has had conversations with them while he is asleep. Bobby is a very big mommas boy ( which is absolutely adorable! ) He loves his family very much.
One of his favorite food is Pizza ( plus look at how cute he is eating it) He likes to joke around and make sure everyone is having fun, but when need be he is serious. Wishes for his everyone to be happy. Gets judged for seeming Cocky, but is actually a complete sweetheart. One time he stopped what he was doing to help an older woman with a cart. Takes good care of the younger members.
@AaliyahNewbell @Sammie99522 agree to all the above. lol like I did not sign up to die at such a tender age without doing anything Korean wise lol 😩😩
@IsoldaPazo basically you just summed up my exact reaction to this card! Them ikon boys are something else
I died and came back to life to continue where I left off, died again, swooned, fangirled, hyperventilated and dios mio fell in love with him all over again.
Over time he has completely stolen my heart , like I'm so in love
because of this card he's climbing up my bias list in ikon
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