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What what, it's Wednesday already. Yasss. And it's what's my favorite Right Now moments.. -Honestly I love all their moments bc you see how they are, how they interact with one another, the love and care and a sensible & sensitive side to these's truly beautiful. I enjoy watching for that mere purpose: A true friendship building.
Anyways I recommend everyone to watch their programme and come to your own conclusion of the guys..did it change or do you love them even more. I know I love them even more.


Hope you enjoyed the gifs. Hyungwon looks so done with the guys..I'll volunteer to take your place in the group lol.
Here's a random clip though from Ep. 6, because of the title it was chosen...just saying lol. Tagging the lovely chingus (and those who have tagged me as well) @MirandaKawahara @MonAnnahiX @VatcheeAfandi99 @JohnEvans @twistedPuppy @PrettieeEmm @swarrier16 @kpopandkimchi Thank you pretty people.
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omg the sleeping gif is so precious