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Examiner.com reported a few days ago that Ryan Mathews was arrested for assaulting someone outside a nightclub. However this turned out to not be true and Mathews was never arrested or in any form of altercation. The fact that he has a reputation for this type of behavior is a red flag in my book. Even if he didn't get in trouble this time, just the fact that he keeps going out to clubs and bars means you never know when he'll get in trouble. This combined with his injury history is just asking for trouble. Avoid the man in all fantasy drafts unless he drops way down (maybe past the 5th round in 12 man leagues). When healthy, he can be an electric player, but to me he just isn't worth it (click the side arrows to see his 2011-2012 highlights).
Actually I also really like getting last pick so i can get back to back picks
@Goyo Yeah honestly I don't think there is a correct order. You just gotta pray you have an early pick ;)
@JohnLee interesting my top 5 prolly be 1. Peterson 2. Doug Martin 3. Marshawn Lynch 4. Calvin Johnson (I really see this guy just lighting it up this year) 5. Foster
@Goyo IMO I would go 1. Peterson 2. Doug Martin 3. Arian Foster 4. Alfred Morris 5. Marshawn Lynch 6. Ray Rice
@johnlee after peterson, who are the top 5 fantasy choices?
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