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Alright, today's question for FTG is who do you want to be stranded on an island with? And for me, I'm gonna have to say...


I'm kind of surprising myself with this answer, to be honest, but I think Natsu would be the most fun to have around. 1, because if I picked Natsu, I'm sure Happy would show up. 2, when Natsu's around....well, things are just never CALM! He would be running around like crazy, trying to catch food & he could start fires (lol, yes, I am selfish). Also, I just really like Natsu, so having him around would be really rewarding!~~~

And that's my answer!

Remember to tag @ThatPerson512 to enter, and as them or any mods any questions!
The Titania: @AimeBolanos
The Salamander: @tylor619cruz
The Rookie: @hikaymm
I think Natsu would drive me insane on an island lol
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I'd say Erza
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yeah I agree I'd pick natsu. there would never be a dull moment XD
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actually i would pick erza
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