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Bts + YoongixReader (Please read the intro & my other chapters!) While at the table Jimin was bothering Jungkook to feed him some of his own food. Jin was way to invested in his food to care about what the rest of the boys were doing. Namjoon and Yoongi were talking about music and the production of their next album. Hobie, Tae and you were just messing around having a laugh, just them being them. But underneath the table you and Yoongi were still holding hands. You haven't let go since you got to the table. Yoongi couldn't stop thinking about the kiss you gave him for defending you. He felt like a hero yet like a love struck puppy all at the same time. He wanted it to happen all over again, but he obviously couldn't just kiss you there at the table. He squeezed your hand and you turned to him. "Let go get ice cream" You beamed from ear to ear because ice cream was your favorite. You let go of each other's hands to get up and leave the group back at the table and rejoined hands once out of their sight. You don't know what had come over you back then, and you don't know why you and him are being more touchy now then normal. I mean, you didn't not like him more than just a friend, but you never acted upon your feelings before today because you didn't think Yoongi liked you in any other way. The reality was, Yoongi has had a huge crush on you since he first met you, but he never wanted to distract you from you studies since you were so passionate about school. Now that both of your feelings were pretty much out in the open, it was kind of awkward. You both were blushing while holding hands making your way to the ice cream shoppe. "You know what ice cream you are going to get?" Yoongi breaks the awkward silence "Of course! The same one I always get, caramel mocciato." "Of course" he says with a smile "Hey" he stops you right before you guys can enter the ice cream parlor "when you kiss me, was it because you like me?" You look down feeling your face burn in embarrassment. "W-well.. I mean, I have always liked you to be completely honest. But I never though you would ever like a girl like me, so just never bothered. But then today, back when you defense me. Nobody has ever done that for me before." He grabbed your chin and lifted it to where you was facing him and kissed you. "I have always like you and I was supposed to be the one who kiss you first." You wrap your arms around him and you guys kiss again. "Let's get ice cream" he says after you guys let go of each other - While waiting for your ice cream Yoongi is hugging you from behind, his chin resting on your shoulder. He whispers "I hope I made you feel better on your "no stress day." You turn around to where both of your chests were pressed up against each other. "You have no idea" you reply, kissing him once again.
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