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There's just something I have to get off my chest...I tried not to let this happen, but it just happened...Someone has Wrecked my Bias list. I've been trying to deny it for the past few months, But I can't hide my feelings for him anymore.

But I can't Bump My Ravi. I love him so much!

I cry real tears every time I even think about Bumping him down on my list. He's been my Ultimate Bias ever since I started listening to Kpop. I have a Lot of Great Memories with Ravi, and He Still puts a Huge Smile on my Face, and still brightens up my day. So, the only way to resolve this is to let Ravi Share First Place. I've decided that I Have two Ultimate Biases now.

Okay, everyone, I want you to meet him. Here we go...okay...My New Ultimate Bias is...

Bang Yongguk.

you've probably seen this.This is My new Profile Picture. To Show My Love for Both of My Ultimate Biases. I'm Not Ever Letting you Go, Ravi. Yongguk, I love you too, But you're Going to have to share 1st Place.

Does anybody else have two Ultimate Biases? Am I the Only One?

i have a three way tie between Suga, Jimin, and Jhope. The struggle is real
I think its normal to have two... mine are Mark from Got7 and Kyungil from History
Yes, I decided that I had to have different categories because I found that I was calling a couple guys my UB. They have very different roles in their groups and there are separate rankings for my "Grown men" and my "Baby boys" - some things just can't be compared.
I have them in two different lanes lol but yes.
There are a couple groups I can't choose a bias even.....2 or 3 fight for my attention.
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