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1. I love this episode. Jackson was my spirit animal. The second hand embarrassments in the episode were too much. It took an hour of watching this episode because I paused way too many times. I love how Jackson gives the members that he is closest to the most embarrassing and hardest mission. jooheony whining and impression of Jackson were on point. (bonus: the members were sweating )
2. The water gun fight was hilarious. Wonho being afraid of riding in the Ferris wheel. I.M playing Shownu and Wonho. Moments between the leader and the maknae. This episode was too perfect
Throughout the whole episodes of right now, there's one thing we have repeatedly seen. Wonho love for ramen. Every time he mentioned ramen, I'm like please fed this boy some ramen. (Wonho + ramen= wonmen) yes, yes, no no? I tried
Last but not least. Kihyun love for chicken. When he suggested chicken, I laughed so hard when Minhyuk said "I will drop kick you". Kihyun cute laughed when he found out that he won and Minhyuk actually drop kick him. Too funny (Kihyun + chicken = kiken) I give up. so horrible at coming up with ship names
What's your favorite Right now moments (sorry I'm late. Credit to owner of the gigs an pic)