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I was thinking of having you all comment who you would like to read about next.. or is surprise more fun let me know
Your back hit the wall, making you gasp a small opening forming for Jiwon to stick his tongue in your mouth, his meeting yours. Your fingertips massaged his scalp as he lifted your legs around his waist for more access for him to feel you against him. “I need you” He whispered against your lips, his hand slowly going up your dress. His fingers were warm against your skin, the way they lightly touched your skin almost making you burst out in giggles as they tickled you. You moaned as his hand gripped your bra, the pressure bringing pleasure onto your breasts. Jiwon pulled away, gasps filling the room while you both stared at each other.You unwrapped your legs from his waist, standing up on your own as you pressed your palms against his chest, pushing him away from you. He stumbled backwards as he stared at you in shock, confusion spreading across his face. You walked towards him, pushing him again and you watched him fall down on the bed, his eyes training on you. “What are you doing?” He asked when your hand touched his chest, running your fingers down his torso. “Sh, daddy” You whispered and you slowly slid off his shirt, his muscles tensing as your skin in came contact with it, making you chuckle. You stripped Jiwon out of his clothing leaving him in his boxers, his erection visible through the fabric. You palmed him and Jiwon groaned at the feeling. He closed his eyes as his head hit the headboard. You leaned your head towards the hem of his boxers and captured it between your teeth, Jiwon reopened his eyes and watched you. You made eye contact with him and dragged down his boxers with your teeth, your lips slightly grazing his member. A hissed escaped his mouth, as he tried to contain himself at the sight of you. “Baby..” He whispered. His hand moved away the few strands of hair that fell around your face as you moved your mouth towards the tip of his member, your hand wrapped around his shaft. Jiwon sucked in a breath as the pleasure coursed through him, his hand gripping at your hair. He watched you slide your tongue up and down his shaft, slightly teasing him. He wanted more but you wouldn’t give it to him, your hand would occasionally tighten around his shaft, you would moan on purpose around his length sending vibrations that made him almost whimper. He wanted you and you knew that. “Please” He finally said, his voice sounding weak as if he was pleading. You immediately brought your lips around his cock, bringing your head down so the tip of his dick hit the back of your throat making you gag. Jiwon moaned at the feeling, the feeling of warmth and pleasure almost captivating him into madness. He held everything inside him to not thrust rapidly in your mouth, to let himself go carelessly in your mouth. To have you shedding tears when he was done, your slobber dripping down from your mouth onto his dick. You pulled back as your saliva ran down the base of his cock, you smiled at the sight and you moved your hand around him, your thumb sliding over his tip, making him slightly twitch around you. You brought your lips around his cock, your hand wrapped around his shaft that your mouth couldn’t cover. You hollowed your cheeks around him making him moan, his hips jerking up and you gagged around him again, setting your hand down on his thigh. “You’re doing so good, baby girl” Jiwon whispered a groan following after as you picked up your pace, your head bobbing up and down around him. “Don’t hold back, daddy” You mumbled against him. Jiwon placed his hand on the top of your head, pushing it down, his dick going deeper in your mouth. He bucked his hips resulting in you choking around him. Jiwon continued his actions as tears fell down your cheek, he slowed down as he neared towards his climax, you shifted your hand around his length tightly and Jiwon whimpered as he came inside your mouth, his grip on your hair loosened as he brought his hips down. You swallowed his cum, the bitter taste lingering on your tongue as you pulled away. “Happy birthday, daddy” You said, Jiwon hummed in response his arms wrapping around your waist as you laid next to him, your hand against his chin. “Thank you, baby”

I was told by @kpopandkimchi that as long as I don't put it in a community its fine.. its why I asked who wanted to be tagged in this type of stuff.. @Emealia
@Emealia That's what the (+19) its the Same as saying it has mature content.
@PrettieeEmm I will totally read all of them! lol
@CrystalGuerra i actually have a Zico and Jooheon one and a Zico,Mino,Namjoon one I'm not so sure about 😂
much reading lol
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