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Whether you wear acrylic nails or go all natural, there are tons of different nail shapes you can try out just by shaping your nails or getting that shape in an acrylic. I'm honestly not sure what shape I prefer (other than "oops, broke another one"), so I thought I'd run through them!


Basically, this is a perfect square with no soft edges. This is *the* style these days, I think? If you have slender fingers this is great. If you think your fingers are stubby, you might think the blunt edges make this look even more stubby, so be careful!
This can work on relatively short nails if you get them done (you can get a partial fill) and can work on natural nails too if they're long enough! The edges of this one are so easy to chip, though, so be careful.
If you have a wide nail bed, this one might not be for you, as you'll probably have to them filled & it'll just look too big!

Squoval/Soft Square:

Square + oval = squoval. LoL!
This is pretty much a square shape, but softer. It's a good middle, and is much easier to maintain than square ones. This is actually my favorite shape and the one most similar / matches best with my natural nail shape, I think!
I’m sure you know how this looks but let me try to explain in just in case – you are supposed to file your nail sides straight, file the top like you’re going for the square shape and then gently blend the edges until you’re happy with the result.


Round nails are considered to be classic (and to some, old fashioned, but I disagree!) These are great for those who think of their fingers as short or chubby because they can make your hands appear more slender.
Nails biters will love these, too, because they only go a tad bit back your nail bed & you can keep your natural shape! They also are GREAT because they don't cheap or tear too much, so they're good if you have weak nails or hate dealing with chipping, too. These will basically work for anyone :)


These (and oval nails) are super popular with celebs these days. Almond nails have slender sides and a wide base...they are reminiscent of an actual almond! They will elongate your fingers a good it making your fingers look slender. This is a pretty weak shape for natural nails though, FYI, because you have to file the nail sides quite a bit!


This, like almond nails, works better with longer nails so if you're a nail biter this definitely isn't for you!
Oval nails combine all positive elements of almond, square, and rounded shape - they're strong, good looking, and don't chip too much! They work well on medium & long nails, and have a feminine appearance.


This is not possible on natural nails (making the shape will probably cause the nail to break in no time at all, they're just too weak) so you can only really get this look if you're willing to have fake nails.
This is great for people with short nail beds! This will add a ton of length to the look of your fingers :)

Coffin / Ballerina:

This one is kind of like a stiletto nail (above) but is squared off a little more to look like a coffin or a ballerina. I'm not super seeing the similarity, but this is a cool wearable shape. If you have strong & sturdy natural nails, you can pull this off, but it's another one that's best with false nails. Unconventional & still cute!

Duck / Flare:

This is a really unique shape for acrylic nails. You need longer nails for this, and the final shape will be wider at the tips and smaller at the nail bed. Kind of strange, right?
If you're into nail art, though, this is great for you as there's SO much room! Keep this one for free, artistic spirits, I think :)


Okay, I couldn't find much of this one and have to say I think this would be so annoying to actually be wearing, but it is interesting! Basically, the nail mimics the shape of a traditional lipstick!

If you don't have nails like any of these...

That's ok!! Follow the shape of what your nail currently is -- is it more square or round? Go with that shape for now, and as your nails grow longer & stronger, you can adjust it :)! This video will show you how to shape almond, oval or squoval with your natural nails! The second video also shows stiletto and coffin shapes.

So, what nail shape do you like best?

almond and stiletto definitely. they make my fingers seem longer and slimmer so it's a big bonus plus I feel sexy and when I wear my big sweaters with the sleeves that cover some of my hands I feel so cool/sexy/cute (I know the whole sexy and cute thing is weird but trust me, it works)
squoval is my favorite!!! not feeling the flare.
That type of nail us very neat @alywoah. I bet it fits you...
I was going to say the same thing @Jaileejailee said. there are so many! I usually go for the square
Wow. I didn't know there were so many different types of nails. Well. I didn't know te names at least... I'm definitely the soft square type...