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Groups That Need More Recognition: Where Are They Now?
Hey everyone! So every now and then I'm going to be posting these cards called, "Where Are They Now?" These cards are dedicated to the Underrated Groups that we post about that have comebacks after I post about them! So, in other words I will post about their latest music/music videos or upcoming music/music videos!
Hope you enjoy!


Boys Republic

Latest Comeback:

Get Down (03.28.2016)
Listed above is their MV for Get Down, their dance practice version, and also their Performance version MV.
Can you recognize some of the members from their previous card?
To check out their card click here.
If you'd like to be tagged let us know in the comments!
Is this a card we should continue? If yes please let us know!
Also we take suggestions! If you think a group is underrated let us know and we will add it to the list!
And we want to make this card more enjoyable for you! Are there any things/information we should add to the cards? For example is there anything you'd like to know about the groups/soloist's that we don't already provide? More pictures? More videos? Please let me know in the comments and @jiggzy19 and I will accommodate!
To check out the latest card in the Underrated series click here.
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@Sammie99522 Yes I can! You will be tagged starting the next card!
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@ChaErica Thank you 💗💗
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boys republic is sooooo good omg
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@Sammie99522 You're welcome!
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