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Wait...What? Do You Know What These Songs Are Saying?

Now that I'm studying Korean more and more, I'm re-listening to old songs I liked back when I knew ZERO Korean and I can't believe these lyrics!

Teen Top: No More Perfume on You

I thought this was a fun dance-y love track but...the whole premise of this song is telling a noona to not wear perfume when they're around because his girlfriend might smell it on him and find out he's hanging out with other "beautiful noonas"
"Don’t use perfume
My girlfriend might find out
Don’t wear sparkly things
Because it might get on my clothes"

SHINee: Ring Ding Dong

Okay this is just too funny. I thought they were being all powerful and confident but then you have Onew talking down on himself LOL.
"Look, I may not be attractive, nice,
Or anything like that
But I’m a decent bad boy-"

Jimin&Xiumin: Call You Bae

Alright this is a new one but is "buy chicken with me" the Korean version of "Netflix and chill?
"Do I look like a child? Why are you trying to send me home before 12?
My mom and dad are away and I’m hungry
Oppa, wanna come over and eat chicken?"

Can you think of any other songs with lyrics that made you go...huh?

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Haha Teen top is so shady. love them
a year ago·Reply
OMG Luhan- Lu 😂😂 it's in English but I was confused....extremely @Sunnydaebak
a year ago·Reply
exo two moons- Roll like a buffalo
a year ago·Reply
SUJU _ Sexy Free and Single !🤔
a year ago·Reply
Eating chicken might be super new slang, but eating noodles is a definite depending on the person and context. I made a Korean friend. I asked.
a year ago·Reply