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Let's wish our leader a speedy recovery!
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Aww what's wrong with my baby?! Is he okay?
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@MaeLyn @JasminMartinez He injured his back during a practice session for their concert. =( It's been confirmed that he will not be participating in the FLY concert in Seoul and possibly for the rest of the tour.
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@thedancingtiger Thank you for filling me in on this, I had no idea what was going on. I really hope he is okay and that he recovers! ♡
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hoping you feel better soon JB!
2 years ago·Reply
JB Get well sweety and I'll bring you your gift later once I find a way to get to you 😭😭 So dont lose hope your fans are here for you for example you have me @shellyfuentes70 @JasminMartinez @thedancingtiger @CuteBabyLay @MaeLyn we all wish you the best so hurry up and get well so we can hug you tightly ♡♡♡😘😚
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