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Group Name: 100%
Debuted: September 21st, 2012 - Still Again
Latest Comeback: February 21st, 2017 - Sketch U
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Members: (5)
Name: Seo Min Woo
Stage Name: Minwoo
Born: 1985
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Name: Kim Rock Hyun
Stage Name: Rokhyun
Born: 1991
Position: Vocalist
Name: Jo Jong Hwan
Stage Name: Jonghwan
Born: 1992
Position: Vocalist
Name: Kim Chan Yong
Stage Name: Chanyong
Born: 1993
Position: Vocalist
Name: Jang Hyuk Jin
Stage Name: Hyukjin
Born: 1993
Position: Maknae, Vocalist

Former Members:

Name: Woo Chang Bum
Stage Name: Changbum
Currently In: Vermuda
Name: Lee Sanghoon
Stage Name: Sanghoon


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I love 100%!! They are totally underrated and need more love and support! Thanks for making this card about them! ☺☺
@StephanieDuong haha no need to thank me! Lol I LOVE 100%!
I like them.
@jiggzy19 CHINGUU! Thank youuu! 😁
@StephanieDuong You're welcome! @jiggzy19 has the group suggestions this week so thank her too!