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B.A.P In Atlanta was tonight..and I'm still in so much shock...let's go through the whole day..
SO I skipped school today to go to the venue early. I got there around 1pm and met some of the nicest people who let me join their conversation right away...like who doesn't love the kpop family!? ...damn that lip bite tho..
So! we had a flash mob planned but because we waited for people who were supposed to join we ended up only being able to perform half before the line started to move! weeks of work and we weren't able to finish sucked ;-; but oh well I suppose? still was fun!
So we got inside and immediately I went to the merch table to buy an album! and the guy picked mine out of this stack of 6 that were moved out of the way..and to my surprise.. (I started to cry) I GOT A HIGH TOUCH! After I traded my photocard to Yongguk cause bae <3
THEN WE SAT IN OUR SEATS. I met 2 amazing girls. but the Sears beside me where empty ;-; sad day. sooo..after the show started..since they weren't there I moved over to be closer to the middle! ..and the show started and it was amazing..I'm still in a lot of shock so I barely remember the set list..I'm sure they exist on the internets...
So! the boys were and are the most handsome guys in the world AND DONT FORGET TALENTES OMG DAEHYUNS HIGH NOTES WERE LIT AND ZELO ANG JONGUPS DANCING....and I'm so lucky and greatful for this experience.. so in the end we got 2 encore songs..one more than the normal amount..and Yongguk took his shirt off...and poured water...all-over himself..
I got to have moments with 4 members...first Himchan..Himchan came to the side of the aisle..on a lifted part..but people were paying attention to zelo at the other end..so I sent finger hearts and waved and he looked at me and did it back..and my heart like..jumped a beat..
Next was with Zelo and Daehyun..so I said that Himchan Sat beside the aisle...well they walked through js and I was right there!! So they were dancing and singing down the aisle..and I got to hold both their hands..and both members at different times stopped in front of me to dance and or sing! I WAS SO SHOCKED LIKE WOW. I LOST MY BREATH BECAUSE OF THEM..
The concert was just amazing..now..the hightouch..it was...wow..so when we got to the room at the end of the show..I can't remember..who the first 3 were..I know it's in some order of Zelo Jongup and Youngjae..but then I got to Yongguk..bais..dad.. xDD I told him..thank you so much for being here and doing well and amazing and all that..and he said awh no thank you for being here and laced his fingers with mine..gave me his gummy smile..and I just..I couldn't breathe..then next was Daehyun I said thank you again and he just gave the sweeeetest smile you could ever imagine..and then last was Himchan..Himchan was being all diva sitting on the table..and I I said thank you for being here and that Im happy they could come..and he like grabbed my hand and we like grabbed hands for like one second to long. and he smiled and said thank you for being with us. and I just..walked into the Hall and had a meltdown and just couldn't believe it happened..I still can't...
ALL OF YOU FANS ARE SO AMAZING. We had a banner project during With You and..it went amazing..we lifted the banners and the boys took a second to read them and a few of the boys looked emotional! It looked as if one was even going to cry...it was an amazing moment between the boys and us.. I love you all so much...I just it was such a strong feeling of love and appreciation during that time...it was so intense and soft all at the same time. I started to cry during it..and I just ..it was perfect..
These boys deserve the world and I am so so soooo greatful I got to see them! thank you boys so much for neglecting your health and practicing and working just so hard.. just so you can give your fans the best experience ever. Babyz love you. we will be with you forever! B.A.P Fighting! Please give your support to this amazing group of boys..thank you and I love all the Babyz I met today in line and at the venue! we are all a family and I'm greatful for all of you. I'm sorry if I can't remember alot but I had to get everything out so I won't forget anything..thank you boys so much :)!!!!! ALSO I HAVE WAY MOVE PICTURES AMD VIDEOS..AND I CRIED LIKE 2 TIMES BUT OH WELL ILL TRY POSTING THEM SOON..COMMENT YOUR NAME IF YOH WANT ME TO TAG TOU WHEN I POST THEM SARANGHAEEEE
I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!
I'm kinda jealous of you because you got to meet BAP and then got to High Touch them. But I'm also glad for you.