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So, I totally messed up!!! I was super distracted yesterday and totalllllyyy didn't realize it was Wednesday?! Sorry!! Thank you to everyone who still made WW cards ^^

Anyways, let's just do WW today!!!

Today is the Deceased Edition!

Special help from: @JohnMcCullough
The idea of this is to share a character who is "dead' (for real, or just believed to be, or just non-living creatures) for WW!! I know this is going to be like, spoilers galore, so please try to tag your spoilers as best you can because not everyone will have seen the anime!!!

How to participate:

- create a card with your deceased waifu or husbando
- put {WW} in the title
- tag me!

Tagging the WW crew:

Wednesday on a Thursday... Just...don't try to delay Friday or the weekend any further than this XD I'm desperate for some rest now XD
I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who completely forgot that yesterday was Wednesday! I woke up this morning and was like "what have I done! I forgot my WW!!" lol
I was wondering about that yesterday. I was going to post a card but I saw that no one had any WW cards up so I decided to just wait
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