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I've watched a lot of anime and read a lot of manga but for some reason, I kept putting this one off.. Why?!! I honestly don't know especially since it's Shonen Jump... Maybe the fact I've heard side comments from some of my old nerd friends..saying they stopped the anime but continued the manga?... Can anyone shed light on this for me? I'm only to episode 48 so no spoilers please... Regardless, after I catch up on the anime I'll continue with the manga. XD Bleach is awesome! Anime is life! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I've heard news that the anime will continue once the Manga finishes, which I've heard is in its final arc. I kinda held off on this one too, but I "finished" the anime recently and I loved it! I think I was hesitant because it's a longer one... The filler can get kind of annoying sometimes, as filler does, but I still enjoyed those (I'm no skipper). Glad you're enjoying it too!
it just goes on and on and I found the later seasons to get boring. the first 7 seasons I did enjoy very much tho. the movies are also very good.
I not going to spoil anything, the anime goes all the way to the Aizen/Arrancars chapter, to the end of the Fullbring chapter. In the manga start on chapter 480, This is the start of the final arc and where the anime ends. good luck
on Hulu it shows at least 26 sessions