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Question time, everyone!

1) What is your least favorite genre or anime, and why?

2) Are you willing to take recommendations for an anime in that genre that you might enjoy? If so, everyone can give them recommendations!

Tagging some friends!!
And some new faces in the community!!!!!
I won't say I dislike any anime because of the genre but my least favorite to watch would probably be sports only because I'm an athlete and it sometimes irritates me that I can't look that cool when I hit someone or throw a ball lol
1) I don't like Ecchi because I sometimes there's too much so it kinda ruins the anime 2) I would if there's comedy in it, and if it's only a little bit of Ecchi
Oh yeah I don't like ecchi also but I'm so confused because I rather watch an ecchi then a harem but if it is High school of the dead I rather watch a straight up harem 馃槪
I hate harem because about 20 girls are in love with one guy and half the time the guy is totally oblivious but I have watched harem before 馃槗
ecchi because it's unnecessary for the plot {female} I don't mind a bra slip sometimes but like sometimes they go too far and ruins the story
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