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It had been three weeks since the meet up and Chanyeol couldn't pull himself together. Not sleeping, once again. Endless tears and constant thoughts as to why he couldn't be around her. In the first week Chanyeol disconnected himself with everyone. he turned his phone off and laptop. he just wanted to be alone. The silence of the house comforted him. His cries echoed through the house as it had been a while since he had let out his emotions since the night he left her standing by the cafe. With the second week passing by, he still hadn't left his room. With having a bathroom and mini kitchen installed, he had no reason to. Baekhyun had attempted to pull him out but never won the battle. It was as if time had stopped inside that house while everything outside of the cement walls continued. With the second week coming to an end Baekhyun decided that Chanyeol needed to be by himself and pull himself together. he decided to leave and stay at a friends house for a while. By the end of the third week Chanyeol finally came out of the room and went downstairs only to see a pile of mail on the floor by the letter box. Among the many white envelopes, there was a scarlet colored one. Chanyeol slowly walked over to the pile and picked up the one envelope that caught his eye. On the front written in silver script was his name with no return address on it. But He already knew who it was from. It was her favorite color. His heart started to race before he had even opened it. Every emotion towards her had changed. He use to anticipate receiving her letters. Now he hopes to never see a letter from her again. He builds to courage and opens it. "Chanyeol-ah Why haven't you answered my calls? Why did you run off like that? Wait I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't start this off like that. Chanyeol Are you doing well? I haven't heard from you since we met up. Were you having another one of your episodes? Did you take your pills ? I really shouldn't be questioning you like this right? I'm sorry. I don't know what I've done. It's been wracking my brain. I've thought about coming over but I don't think that would be a good idea... I couldn't have any paparazzi catch me going into someone else's house...I can't ruin my image that I've gathered. I've been calling but haven't gotten any answer from you. its like you fell off the grid after i saw you. We need to talk Chanyeol. It has to happen sooner or later." "Yeah.. now you wanna talk but you didn't want any of my attention before." Chanyeol thought to himself before continuing to read the letter. "I really think this will turn out well. so please when you get this...contact me, call me, text me, you can even come over! you know where the spare key is hidden!! i dont care how you decide to contact me please just do it. I really want you to come back to me so we can talk." Chanyeol laughed in disbelief. It had seemed that the tables had turned. Because a few months before it was him asking when she would be call or when she would come back to him. His first thought was to do exactly what she did. He wanted to leave her to wonder what could have been. But he knew that if he did that he'd be just as bad as her. After a long deep thought he decided to go there. To visit the house they were supposed to be happily living in together. But it had been three weeks and he knew this issue wouldn't disappear by itself. He finally decided to come out of his own world inside the walls of his home and go to the house where his life was suppose to have been set up. For the safety of the both of them he decided to go that night. he knew she didn't sleep much and that she always stayed up until the early morning so visiting late would be best. ______ There he stood. Outside the house that was meant to be shared with him and the love of his life. But instead she lived in there with a guy that had betrayed him. Everything became real in the final step he took towards the door. Like she said, he knew where the spare key was. He still had the key of his own He could let himself in. To his surprise she hadn't changed the locks. When he stepped into the house he realized everything had changed. Everything that made a house a home wasn't there.The pictures and paintings had all disappeared. All of her favorite little ornaments were gone. this house wasn't a home. it looked more like the mind of a blank person. A person who no longer feels. The walls were white instead of the bright blue they had chosen and painted together. It gave off a cold vibe of a hospital which made Chanyeol flash back to the time he woke up in one. He slowly made his way through the living room only to hear a scream from upstairs. He rushed up the stairs and burst into their old room only to see kris cradling her trying to help her through what looked like another episode. "CHANYEOL. IM SORRY. IM SORRY I DIDNT MEAN IT" she screamed in kris' arms not noticing Chanyeol was in the room. Chanyeol grabbed her out of Kris' arms and began to cradle her "Its okay princess. I'm here. You're going to be okay. I promise"