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Alright, beauty lovers, I have a question for you all: what do you think of adding freckles? I've also loved how freckles naturally look, though I know many people who have them don't feel the same way and prefer to cover them up.
You might know that I'm also a fan of kpop, and one of my favorite kpop singers recently had freckles added for their most recent look, and I'm digging it!

Which led me to thinking....should I try this look out?

Natural freckles are totally stunning.

These are real freckles on real people (lol). A lot of people with natural freckles use makeup to cover them up, but using a sheer foundation can let this beauty shine through!!!

But added freckles can be totally stunning, too!

They can look totally fake if you put them only on the cheeks, but when does makeup every look "totally natural" you know?
It's not just about looking like they're real, but about taking makeup and doing something creative! If you want freckles, go for it, in my opinion!

And you don't even have to go the natural looking freckle route if you don't want to!

This writer for "The Gloss" tried doing lighter, natural fake freckles as well as some full ones! You can see what she thought about the whole experiment over here.

So what do you think: yay or nay?

If you're into it, there's even a company out there called "Freckle Yourself" that sells stencils to embrace the beauty of these marks for those that don't naturally have them!
Tagging some beauty friends for your thoughts!
looking so cute always
No. I have my own lol
I have freckles but only on my arms not on my face lol still love it
some look really nice !
I'm gonna say no
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