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Sorry for the long wait my Run readers.
here it is the next chapter for your enjoyment.
It's currently 4 in the morning.
We had a wake up call for 7, but for the life of me I couldn't go back to sleep. So I decided to go out and walk around the hotel's pool area. I sat down on one of the chairs and stared at the water. I hope... I really hope my anxieties won't kick in again.
"Hey, I didn't know we were staying in the same hotel." I heard a familar voice say I turned around and seen Vic.
"Hey, Vic. I didn't either that's pretty sweet." I said back as he sat down in the chair across from mine.
"How you been?" He asked I shrugged, "are they coming back?" He asked I shrugged again. "You know I'm still here for you, I helped you through it the last time." He said again, I nodded.
"It feels like it, but I think its just because I was having to learn a language in two weeks, I had stressed over having to push myself during practices" I admitted to him, He nodded and took my hand.
"You know, you can do it, I still can't believe all the work and stuff that you have to do." He said, I nodded.
"I didn't have to work that hard when I was one of the photographers, I miss that. I wasn't noticed or, being paid attention too." I said sighing. Vic shifted in his seat.
"Hey." He said I looked to see who it was and it was Jaime and Tony. As soon as I seen Jaime I lost it.
"Hey, what's wrong?" He said holding on to me as I just cried.
"I wanted to quit before, I didn't want to do this." I confessed, He rubbed my back, as Tony grabbed ahold of me and hugged me. I felt a little better. Knowing that my best friend was here. We all sat at the table and talked, Vic said Mike drank the night before and was passed out. I laughed and figured that already, Jaime waved at someone, I turned around to see Xiumin walk up. I smiled and got up.
"Hey oppa" I said, He smiled and looked at the guys. "Oh, these are they guys" I said looking back at them.
"Oh, I thought you were talking to randoms, but you look like your brother, so I figured that they come over to see you." He said, I laughed and shook my head.
"They are staying in this hotel as well." I said, He smiled again, and bowed to them.
"Hello, I'm Minseok" He said to them the best he could. Jamie got up.
"Your Minseok? Oh wow, thanks for watching this one for me." He said putting his arm over my shoulder, I repeated what he said to Xiumin, as he nodded and I elbowed Jaime.
"Oppa, this is Vic, and Tony" I said introducing them, He bowed towards them as they did the same. "There's one more but he's still asleep." I said, He smiled.
"Oh, I came out cause Manager hyung called, he wants us ready soon to go through our practice one more time." He said I nodded. Xiumin walked off back inside, I wonder if Chen was awake I wanted him to meet Jaime.
"Do you have to leave?" Jaime asked I nodded
"They want us to go practice some more before tonight." I said He nodded and gave me a hug, Vic wanted to take a picture with all of us before I left. I smiled and realized how much I miss being on the road with these goofs.
After I said goodbye to my brother, I went back upstairs I'm pretty happy that no fans know that we are here. I got upstairs everyone was rushing around and eating breakfast and what not.
"Noona, Minseok huyng made coffee." Kai said walking by me. I nodded
"Ah, Minseok, you are a coffee God!" I said before sipping some of it, he chuckled and smiled
"It's not that good, but thanks" hensaidni shook my head.
"Where were you this morning Noona?" Chanyeol asked I looked at him as I noticed that he was worried
"Yea jagi where were you?" Chen joined in.
"Well I was awake earlier than I was suppose to, and decided to go on a walk." I said, Chen looked at me and I smiled, "My brother is staying in this same hotel." I said again. Chanyeol smiled.
"Cool, does that mean I get to meet him?" He asked, I shrugged maybe, I smiled and left to go change. Tonight was going to be to nerve racking.
"Stop, stop, stop" Chen said once again. I left out a huff and walked over to get some water.
"Okay now what hyung?" Kai asked, Chen looked at me, and walked towards me.
"Maria, you need to get this done right." He said, I looked at him, I wasn't to sure on his facial expressions.
"I have been getting it right. is it my singing? Am I not getting that right?" I asked knowing that it could be that. He sighed
"Forget it. Let's go over this one more time." He said and starting out music up again, I just looked at him and went to Xiumin to do the tree, we looked at each other and shrugged. I honestly didn't know what Chen's problem was, but I know that I'm getting this right. Maybe I'll ask him later about it.
When we finally got Wolf down and Overdose, the manager told us to go back and start getting ready. I was so tired, I wanted to sleep, but now was the fun part, dressing up. I beat the boys to the shower and washed everything that needed washing as I got out I wrapped a towel around me, I walked out the bathroom "Showers free" I yelled and went into my room, I opened my suitcase and grabbed my makeup bag and did my makeup, I pulled out my jewlery and heels, then went to the closet and opened my dress sleeve and pulled the dress that HaRi picked out for me, it was a black top with a white skirt connected and black floral on it, I smiled at it and went to change into it.
I looked at my outfit, and I smiled, I heard the door open to see Chanyeol in a suit, I smiled at him.
"Shut up noona" He said I smiled even bigger and laughed at him. "Oh, hey hyung wanted to see you, he's on the balcony." He said, I tried to see if there was anything else but he just turned around. I nodded and went out the door.
I walked throught the living area, and seen Xiumin and Lay, they stood up when they seen me.
"Wow, Maria-ssi, you look wonderful" Xiumin said
"You'll look awesome standing next to me." Lay said making me laugh.
"I'm sure I will, where's Chen?" I asked knowing where he is already.
"Outside." Xiumin said getting up, "We gotta leave soon too." He said moving to the back rooms to get the rest of the boys going. I went outside to see Chen standing there, he looked really handsome.
"Hey" I said he turned around and looked at me, he eyed me up and down, "You look very handsome." I said walking towards him. He smiled and held out his hand, I took it and he pulled me closer.
"You look very beautiful" He said putting his head into my neck. "mianhae jagiya" He said, I wrapped my arms around him.
"It's okay, I don't think I was getting it right. but hey we got it down and we are ready to do this tonight." I said lifting his head away from my shoulder, I lifted his chin so he was looking at me, "I love you okay, we'll get through this." I said again looking into his eyes. He nodded
"Hey guys we have to go!" Xiumin yelled. I smiled,
"Let's do this okay." I said pulling Chen with me.
We got to the arena, I looked to all five boys, everyone but Chanyeol were wearing bowties, I giggled at them as they looked at me, "What?" I said smiling, they all smiled back at me.
We got to the blue carpet, "Okay EXO" our manager said waving us towards in front of the photographers, we all smiled, the boys put up a thunbs up and I did the "L" alot of fans were screaming and yelling we waved at everyone and walked off, we went inside as they guided us to our table.
We all said thank you and sat down. I think if I remeber EXO-M were up for an award tonight, and Lay was up for two awards for his drama and composing. That's when I seen them, Luhan and Kris. They sat at another table couple away from ours. After awhile a few acts went on, I guess were performing later, we were all talking and laughing when one of the managers came up to our table
"Yixing, Mars your up to present the next award." He said we nodded and followed him, I was really nervous, Lay wrapped my arm in his as we walked around the stage.
"You'll be fine Maria" He said I nodded,
"What if I mess up?" I asked, he smiled and laughed
"You don't worry you have me." He reasurred me, I nodded. We heard the overcom saying
"Now to present the next award, EXO-M's Lay and Mars"
We heard the crowd scream "EXO" I smiled as me and Lay walked on stage. I was so nervous I looked over to our table and seen the four boys standing and appluding I smiled even bigger.
"Hello, I'm EXO's Lay" Lay said bowing,
"Hello, I'm EXO's Mars" I said bowing,
"I guess we are anoucing the Male artist of the year" Lay said into the mic chuckling a little, I laughed with him
"Yes, for this year it has been a long year, but this person has went far to complete his passion for not only singing but wanting to do something different." I said. We watched the big screen as they played the winners short video on the big screen, Lay held my arm a little tight when I realized who the winner was.
"And your winner for the Male Artist is.. Lu Han" I said into the mic, the crowd went screaming and yelling, as a spotlight went to where Luhan was sitting and followed him on stage, to where we were at. Lay handed him the award and bowed, I went to bow as well, but he pulled me into a hug instead, hearing the crowd screaming louder, He whispered
"I knew you weren't really dating Suho" He said I looked to Lay, and pulled away, and stood to the side with Lay. He whispered into my ear
"What did he say?" He asked I looked at him, "He knows" I said, Looking to Chen as he and Xiumin looked very angry.
We were escorted back down to the backstage area to get ready. We were waiting off stage for our performance to start, Lay walks up with Chen,
"So what did he say Maria?" Lay asked I looked at Chen
"He said he knew I wasn't dating Suho" I said looking out towards where Luhan was sitting
"I found out from our Manager that Luhan is staying in the room above ours" Lay said then I looked at Chen again
"I think he was outside the same time we were" I said again, I felt nervous again. Chen reached for my hand
"it's okay, don't worry about remember your brother and friends are out there watching" he said smiling
"yea from a little scree-" I stop myself and looked at him and Xiumin they both smiled and pointed out towards the VIP section which was mostly for friends and family and of course I seen my brothers goofy grin. I smiled as I caught Tony's attention he pointed towards me and all of them waved. As I waved back the stage hand was telling us that when the light go out we head out.
I've never done wolf live with these guys so I was nervous.We went out when the light went off the crowd was cheering, I grab Xiumin's hand as the lights faded back on to form the tree as the background music played, I had a chance to peek over where Jaime was sitting and they were in awe, everything went smoothly, at the end when they did the den part I slid out and did my pose there was a camera there so I winked at it. The crowd went crazy, we ran back to start Overdose, the crowd cheered louder when the familiar song started.
I'm surprised it was an okay start, I wondered if anyone noticed the jersey yet, I was more nervous about that then I was being on stage. It was finally at my part, Chanyeol did his usual rap part in it. I was thankful for him, as I didn't know the Chinese version well, Xiumin went up then I went up
""Ning yuan chang shui bu xing ru guo zhe zhong gan jue bu cun zai Zhong ni tian mi de du bian cheng wo huo bu xia qu de qi dai, someone call the doctor""
The crowd even crazier, again I had a peek at where my brother was they were standing and cheering, we finished out the song and went off stage.
The lights went dim again, then another song started, the crowd went crazy as I looked out to the audience it was filled with yello lights and I knew whose song it was I looked over to see Luhan and his dance crew start.
I shrugged and went off stage with the rest of the guys, our manager told us to stay dressed in our performing clothes and to sit back at our table, we obeyed and went to sit, we watched luhans performance he played football gang then finished with Excited. His new song that he released. I looked to the guys, as they looked back at me then to each other. I was watching him perform Excited, I pulled Lay to the side
"Hey doesn't that move look like growl?" I asked, this was the first time I seen the dance to the song.
"Yea.. but no one noticed it or said anything about it so it's not a big deal" He replied I nodded, and looked over to where my brother was, they all waved and I waved back. I noticed someone else bowing to them and shaking their hands. I tried to see who it was but the annoucer grabbed my attention.
"This next award goes to this peticualr group, they recieved an award for mixed group, but tonight they are honored with the the best chinese mixed group.. The award goes to EXO-M!"
The annoucer said we cheered and stood up and went up on stage. We waved at everyone that we seen as we walked up, My brother and the rest were standing and clapping and cheering, I was happy that my brother got to see this. We got up to the stage as Chen grabbed the first mic, Xiumin handed me the award and pushed me to stand next to Chen.
"Thank you guys for always supporting us, we well work hard this year and in the next years to come." Chen said, We all nodded and agreed, we all went to sit back down and we all were happy again.
"This next award is for the Breakthrough Artist, weither it be in a group or solo, but this one in peticuliar really shined through the hardships but came out strong... This award goes to EXO's Mars!"
My eyes shot wide, the guys were pushing my to go up, and I heard the PTV guys and my brother yell and whistle, I walked up the small steps afraid that I was going to fall. I recieved the award and bowed at the presenter.
"Uh, wow thank you so much for this award, um sorry my Chinese is not that good, but I want to thank everyone, in EXO and to the company to give me this oppurtunity, also to my older brother for always supporting me when times where hard. To the fans, thank you so much." I said and saying it over again in English knowing that fans, and my family back at home were watching, I bowed to the crowd, then bowed to the guys and waved to my brother, and off stage to join the rest of my members.
And just like that it was over, it turned out that the rest of EXO was waiting for us at the Hotel, when we got back Chen told me to invite my brothers up, I did but they didn't want to intrude since it's our night to celebrate.
"They're not coming?" Chen asked I shook my head,
"We'll see them tomorrow." I said and smiled, he gave me a quick kiss and left out of me and Chanyeol's room, I changed into some comfy clothes, and join the rest of the members in the living room.
"So noona, we heard you met Luhan and Kris." Kyungsoo started, I nodded what Xiumin and Chen said to me the other day about what the did, I don't think I'd make it this far.
I listened in there conversation, talking about upcoming shows and promotions, I sighed and got up, but it seemed no one noticed. I walked out to the balcony and heard laughing and talking from the room above us, I figured that Luhan was having a party. I looked through the window wondering if the guys miss them.
"Can't sleep?" A voice said startling me, I looked over to see Kris in the next balcony, I shook my head "If it makes you comfortable we can talk in English" He said, I smiled and answered back
"That would be nice" I said smiling, He jumped over and sat next to me on the balcony, he kept looking at my face. "Is there something on my face?" I asked, He smiled and laughed
"No, your just different." He said I looked at him, wondering what he ment. "Well, I hope we get to talk again, here's my number." he said holding his hand out for my phone. I nodded and handing him my phone. "Who are they?" he asked handing my phone back I smiled,
"My family" I said, I looked at my contacts and seen "GalaxyWu" on it I smiled. "Thanks, Yifan for at least talking to me." I said smiling. He smiled a little.
"Text me whenever your back in China" He said and hopped back over the little wall seperating our balcony to his. I sat back down and sighed. I looked up at the sky, you couldn't see much stars but you know they were there.
"I hope you like the star I stole for you, one hundred million lights in neon blue, I'll be the
brightest someday, I'll be the brightest you'll see."
I looked to see a text from Suho
Junmyeon: Where are you?
Me: On the balcony.
Junmyeon: Oh, want to go for a walk?
Me: Yea, sure.
I got up and went inside, Kai, D.O., Chanyeol, and Baekhyun were sleeping in the living room. I went to my room to pull on some jeans, I noticed someone moving in my bed, I walked close to see Chen laying in it, I smiled at the sight and kissed his head and walk out grabbing my Rebel8 pullover. I made sure I had an extra room key with me and walked out of our room. I texted Suho asking where he is when he didn't text back, I sighed and shook my head, but I might as well just go downstairs. It was about midnight, the hotel lobby was quiet, I bowed whenever I passed a hotel worker, I decided to walk around the pool area like I did earlier this morning, and as the same I sat at one of the tables that was there, I sat there in silence, thinking things over, "Am I really cut out for this?" I thought to myself.
"Hey kiddo" I heard a familiar voice say, I looked over to see Vic walking up.
"Who did you know it was me?" I asked, he just pointed at my sweater, as I laughed "Oh, I guess that would give it away." I said
"Yea, plus I was there when Tony gave it to you remeber." He said again, I smiled and remebered that day, it was a tour day when the boys were playing there last show in San Diego. "Are you okay?" He asked breaking out of my thoughts. I only shrugged "Come on Mar, you know you could always talk to me" He said I nodded.
"I know Vic, but it's complicated." I said
"We met him." He said again, I looked at him "Met who?" I asked, "You "boyfriend" uh Suho?" He said trying to remeber his name. I nodded.
"That's who sat with you guys right?" I asked He nodded.
"You guys were amazing by the way, never knew our little sis would have had a chance like that." He said I smiled.
"Thanks Vic. It means alot, like I said I owe it to you guys for being there for me, You taught me to sing better, I just happened to love the Korean culture to fluently speak Korean and learn to rap and such." I said laughing.
"Oh, you should of said that. "I learned my singing from my favorite brother Vic" He said laughing. I shook my head. My phone vibrated off the table, I picked it up to see a message from Suho, and Chen
Suho: Sorry, I fell asleep, We got to catch an early flight, maybe when we get back Seoul we can go on a date or just hangout?
Chen: Hey, where did you go?
I looked to Vic, "Are they asking where your at?" He asked I nodded.
"Chen's asking where I am." I said again looking at his name.
"Tell where you are." Vic asked, I shook my head.
"I missed you, I wanna spend time with one of my best friends" I said smiling. He smiled as well as we caught up the past year when I was gone. We talked about, Him and his girlfriend, his parents, how it was hard writing out their new album, when they did their Tour in the states, alot of fans asked Jaime about me. It seemed like the sameo sameo with them. That's when I yawned.
"Tired? want me to walk you to your room?" He asked I shook my head.
"I'll walk you to yours, our Manager has people watching on our floor" I said He nodded as we got up to go back inside.
After taking the elevator to Vic's floor, I went to say hi to whoever was awake still, which was Mike and Tony, after talking to them for awhile I decided to head back to my room, I told the guys bye and told we'll see them later.
"Oh, hey Chris said to give you guys these already." Vic said following me back out to the hallway, they were four VIP all acess passes. "Thanks Vic goodnight." I said again and left upstairs.
When I got upstairs it was about 4 in the morning, I ran into our Manager when I got off the elevator. I bowed
"I'm sorry Oppa" I said bowing again.
"It's okay Mars, but why are you out late?" He asked, I sighed/
"I went down to the pool area to get some air, ran into my brother and we just started talking, and I must've lost track of the time." I explained he nodded,
"Okay, well go in and get some sleep, K is is leaving in a little bit, so they should be awake now." I nodded and continued on to our room. I noticed that Lay, Chen and Xiumin must still be asleep, so I went to say bye to the boys that were leaving.
"Noona!! I'll miss you." Chanyeol pouted while still being half aleep.
"Channie, I'll see you tomorrow." I said again laughing.
"Get some sleep okay." Suho said walking up to me and hugging me. That I was used to cause Baekhyun liked to hug... and I mean alot.
I said bye to everyone and went to my room, to see Chen still sleeping in my bed I shook my head, and took my sweater off and went to the bathroom to pull on some sweats, I came back out and crawled under the blankets with Chen. I felt his arms pull my into him as he snuggled his head into the nape of my neck.
"mmmm Jagiya, where have you been?" He said snuggling me closer to him.
"Talking to my brother. sorry." I said I felt him kiss my head.
"It's okay Jagi, get some sleep okay." He said again. I nodded, as i felt him ease up a bit knowing that he fell asleep, I looked at my phone seeing that I got a text.
GalaxyWu: Hey Maria, your probably asleep. but I wanted to tell you that um... I think that you are really beautiful... and yea. Well uh, goodnight.
I looked at it.. Wow. that's all I had to say about that. I shook my head and turned over so I was facing towards Chen. I smiled at his sleeping face and kissed his cheek. as I let my tired eyes close and I drifted off to sleep.
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