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Happy Friday! In place of sharing my regular fab five hair report I will share five Final Fantasy hairstyles that I adore. I grew up watching my cousin playing Final Fantasy and Yuna was my favorite character. She's stylish and I love her flipped out hairstyle. Years past and now I have a couple of FF girls that won my heart because of their hairdo. Without further ado, here is my FF best hairstyle cosplay lists (Female version).


I've seen many version of lightning cosplay but this cosplayer caught my attention. Not only did she nailed the expression but the hairstyles looks pretty similar. Color-wise it's a little lighter but the asymmetric haircut and curls looks extremely natural. I would imagine a real-life Lightning will look like her.
Cosplay photo by: Isidro Urena


This hairstyles looks pretty simple but in reality it quite difficult to keep the flip up. Anyone can have layered short hair with bangs but if you can keep the signature look aka wind blowing your hair look then you nailed it. This cosplay is the best in terms of makeup, outfit and hairstyling.
Cosplay photo by: Tomiaaa

Terra Branford

This character is really interesting because her hair goes from blond to green. Most cosplayers I've seen either went with the all blonde or all green hair but this one is amazing. There are hints of green from the roots which makes it magical.
Cosplay photo by: alucardleashed


This character is lively, warm but also tough. This cosplayer was one of the best I found and the reason I appreciate this interpretation is her entire outfit doesn't look like a she just came back from the beach but straight out of Final Fantasy. In addition, the hairstyle is exactly like Rikku's.
Cosplay photo by: AyatoCosplay


I don't really have to explain much here why I think this is the best hairstyle cosplay of Lulu. Most of the Lulu updo I've seen online didn't get the mystical vibe. The hairstyle was either too loose or the bangs were too long. This cosplayer could used more layers on the bangs. Nonetheless, it's the best out there.
The Lulu cosplay looks amazing
@JoelleMack I can't find any information on the cosplayer but she is amazing!