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#13 with great powers comes great responsibility
#14 my most shocking moment was when J.J hired Dare Devil to represent Peter in court when he was accused of an organized crime and the two figured eachothers identity that same episode
#15 this one was kinda hard to chose, but the best moment I cherred was when Charles finally met his outer space girlfriend he was trying to protect when everyone thought he was crazy... well he shure did prove them wronge
#16 my saddest moment ever would be on wolverine and the xmen Charles was missing and the xmen received a message from him in the future warning the xmen about the sentinel project and at the end it showed all the xmen members had died and Charles was the only one left
#17 my favorite sidekick, kinda hard to chose but I see jarvis as more of a side kick than a computer. he's very helpful In almost any situation and if he feels like it he can hit you with the sidekick sarcasm
#18 no matter what new marvle show or movie comes out spiderman iceman and fire star will be my favorite team
#19 these two are the definition of rivals with cause. both are best friends but will not let their friendship stop them from reaching their goals also. I found a picture that explains why Charles and magnito act the way they do as for as charater wise
#21 beast would be my #1 choice for a roommate. I would very much enjoy an educational conversation with hank
#22 I would have loved to see spiderman and fire star be a couple I know they kissed at some point but I think they would have been a solid couple
#23 if I would live anywhere in the marvle world it would be the avengers mansion
#24 favorite Marvle comic book of all time.... sorry I cant chose, all the comics are good to me..... well not all of them
#25 the daredevil movie I believe could have been better, the actors they chose were not bad (though having michael Clark Duncan as king pin was a bold move) I feel they could have put more effort into it
#26 dr doom no explanation needed
#27 if I could be any character I would be gambit for his mutant powers