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In honor of Thirtsy Thursdays have some lovely reading
Being the studious student you are, you’re always in class early in the morning to get a head start. Fortunately, your boyfriend was the same. His personality was similar to yours, deeming you both as the campus’s “perfect couple”. You were both at the top of your classes and are always learning from each other. Despite the many similar traits you share with him, it was never dull with him. Sometimes, he was more thrill-seeking than you think. “J-Jinyoung..”, you whimper, leaning your head back as you tighten your grip on the edges of your seat. Your chest heaves from your heavy, ragged breaths as your body squirms from the amount of pleasure you were experiencing. Jinyoung hums lowly, inducing subtle vibrations as he draws circles around your clit with his tongue, occasionally flicking the sensitive nub. With stress dropping a major weight on both of you after returning to school, Jinyoung needed an outlet to relieve it. He was risking a lot by being under your desk fingering you and eating you out every other morning. You would always protest in fear of getting caught but everything he does is too good for you to want him to stop. He was as stealthy as he was intellectual. You lower your head and clamp your hand over your mouth to muffle your moans as two of his fingers pump your tight heat. You were having difficulties keeping quiet as Jinyoung spares no mercy with his tongue vigorously tampering your clit as his appendages lull you closer to your high. “Jinyoung..” You whine when he withdraws his fingers too soon, leaving you hanging. A low chuckle resounds beneath your desk as he rises back up to his seat next to you, scooting closer to you after reaching for a small object in his bag. Your attention falls on the small bullet vibrator nestled in his palm and you briefly widen your eyes, taken aback by your boyfriend’s sly idea. “J-Jinyoung..” “Shh.. be a good girl for me.” You wanted to retaliate because the thought of having a toy buried inside you as you try to carry out the school day was not a way to go about it. He pries your legs apart and with your panties tugged aside, he eases the toy into you, pushing it deep in your drenched sex. You breathe out a small moan as the small vibrator fills you up and you narrow your eyes at him when you catch sight of his shrewd smirk. He fixes your panties to cover between your legs and you heave a ragged sigh as you now have to deal with a damp garment for the rest of the day. That wasn’t the only thing you had to put up with. Jinyoung was courteous enough to let you be when you were answering instructors’ questions or participating in class discussions. The moment you fall quiet, the tranquility is depleted by the subtle buzzing in you. If you glared at him, he would up the speed, leaving you to tightly cross your legs and retain your moans. You only hope for him to give you a break during lunch. “Do you hate me that much?”, you whimper, jutting out a pout when he takes a seat next to you. He shrugs, acting as if nothing out of the ordinary was occurring. You try to eat while bluffing being undisturbed. While Jinyoung was impressed at your flourishing tolerance, it didn’t satisfy him that you weren’t squirming or seeming uncomfortable so he takes the speed up a notch. You scowl at him, your head drooping a second later to hide your face as you bite your lip, cheeks flushed from the sheer pleasure. You yearn for his fingers and lips on you but you have to make due with his torment. “You’re an asshole..”, you hiss under your breath, hearing him chuckle in response. “Funny. You always tell me how much of a gentleman I am.” “This is why you’re an asshole.” The drive to your house wasn’t any better. He would continuously play with your desperate need of relief by turning the vibrator on to its highest speed, never any lower, only to shut it off moments prior to your release. You’ve become a breathless, trembling mess. Your essence dripped to your inner thighs from being repeatedly teased all day and your panties are entirely soaked. You cross your arms and direct your attention out the window, cursing Jinyoung under your breath. “I can hear you, you know.” He shakes his head and smirks when the car resonates with your moans once more, the vibrator abruptly set to a high setting. “You should be a little nicer. After all, I’m driving you home so you don’t have to take the train.” “I-I’m s-sorry,.” You whimper, panting heavily as you endure the vibrations in you. Just as you were about to approach your high, it shuts off but you had become too weary to protest, knowing it would fall on deaf ears. When he reaches your residence, he helps you out the car, loitering your face with kisses to lift your mood a bit so your mother doesn’t suspect anything. He takes your hand, lacing his fingers with yours and leads you up the steps to your front door. “Ah, Jinyoung-ah!”, your mother greets him when you both step past the doorway. He etches his trademark grin and levers a polite bow. “Good afternoon.” “How was school today, darling?”, the woman inquires, oblivious to your flustered state. You feign a soft laugh and shrug. “Just same old, same old.” You try not to shift your legs too much to avoid suspicions or concerns from your mother but it was getting discomforting having the vibrator lodged in your core. “Are you kids hungry?”, she asks, turning away from the stove to face you and Jinyoung. You both shake your heads, putting front your best smile. “No thanks, mom. I’ll be studying in my room.” “Studying once again, huh? Good girl!” She laughs. You freeze up when she approaches you and wraps her arms around you to pull you against her. You smile faintly when she kisses the top of your head. “Don’t forget to take breaks as well, alright?” You nod. “I will. Thanks, mom.” You lead Jinyoung to your room. The moment you were both out of sight, he decides to torment you once more. You stop in your tracks and hunch over, propping your hand against the wall to keep balance. “Can’t this wait?!”, you hiss in a hushed whisper as the vibrations start up. “Aw, we’re almost there, princess”, Jinyoung coos, patting your backside and spares you a moment by shutting off the toy. You heave a relieved sigh as you rush to your room with him following suit. He locks the door behind him and turns to you, a sinister glint in his eyes when his expression goes cold. “Better keep quiet, baby”, he whispers, smirking as he grips the hem of your shirt to haul you against him. “You don’t want your mother to hear you, now do we?” You whimper softly as his lips trace your jawline, his fingers carefully undoing the buttons of your shirt. You struggle to keep yourself on your feet when he cues the vibrator in you again. He casts your shirt aside and with a swift flick of your bra clasp, it adds to the scattered pile. He hoists you off your feet to lay you down on your bed. With a grip on the hem of your skirt, he tugs it down your hips with your damp panties following suit, discarding them to the floor. You clamp a hand over your mouth and tightly shut your eyes when his mouth settles over your glistening folds, his hands finding a grip on your thighs to keep them parted as he laps at your dripping slit. The vibrator still buried in you aids in bringing you closer to your overdue bliss as his tongue repeatedly flicks your clit, heightening your sensitivity. Your chest heaves from your uneven pants as you grip the sheets beneath you, your body squirming as he heeds no mercy. He then draws back, licking his lips whilst carefully removing the vibrator from you to replace with two fingers. With the day’s ministrations, his digits slide into you with ease. The room resonates with the squelching of your sopping heat as he pumps his fingers at a rapid pace, relishing the view of your face contorting in pleasure. “J-Jinyoung..”, you whimper softly as you clench around his digits. His thumb presses random patterns on your clit, bringing you to your edge. You arch your back and muffle your moan against your palm as your climax comes undone with a curl of his fingers. With the lasting pumps to ride out your high, he withdraws his fingers from you. “Good girl..”, he whispers, chuckling as he savors the remnants of your nectar from his appendages. While you were recovering from your release, you hear the rustling of clothes falling to the floor as well as the tearing of plastic and stretching of latex. You groan inwardly to yourself and steadily open your eyes when the mattress dips from Jinyoung’s weight. “All fours for me, princess.” You turn onto your front and struggle to keep yourself on your knees as they were still trembling from your first peak. You prop yourself on your forearms but your upper body slumps forward, allowing your rear to extend more towards Jinyoung. A shiver courses through you when he traces your folds with his tip. Your lips part for a breathy moan to escape when he eases his length into you. Clutching a firm grip on your hips, he starts off with a brisk pace. You muffle your moans against your pillow, gripping it tightly as he penetrates you. Your walls promptly tighten around his girth, inducing pleasant strokes on his arousal. “You’ve been a good girl all day”, he mutters, tightening his grip on your hips as he thrusts harder into you. “You deserve to cum, right?” The impish tone in his voice would’ve made you retaliate but he rendered you speechless with the way he was fucking you. You couldn’t do much more than nodding and whimpering to respond. “Are you going to cum for me, princess?” You nod eagerly, constraining your grip on your pillow as you quickly approach your high once again. He was close as well but your euphoria was his priority and he basks in seeing you come apart beneath him. “Cum for me, baby girl.” Your breaths become rapid and you clench your fists as his relentless thrusts bring you to your peak. Your climax unravels and your release drips onto your sheets, your legs threatening to give out as you ride out the last of your high from his penetration. With the last few thrusts, Jinyoung’s release floods the latex sheath and you fall limp against the bed, parting from his spent length. He discards the soiled condom into the trash bin, making it discreet before returning by your side. He settles next to you and wraps his arms around you to lull you against him. You rest your head against his chest, jutting a slight pout as you recuperate. “Are you done for the day?” He chuckles. “I guess so.” He allows you a minute to fully recover, caressing your back as he does so while kissing your temple. “Better get dressed before your mom discovers us.” You groan softly. “In another minute..” “Princess”, he coos, leaning in to steal a brief kiss on your lips. You heave a sigh and nuzzle your nose against the crook of his neck. “Alright, I’ll get up now..
well damn.....
@PrettieeEmm please don't do a Jackson one becasue I don't know if I can handle I jr isnt my bias but damn he might become and also please don't do a bambam ugh really cant take bambam I struggle with him. I try to keep him out of my heart can you bee my friend and do that for me don't hurt lol @luna1171 i died
Well that was.....well written
@luna1171 yes this is it
OK I haven't read it yet .. before I do is this what you were talking about?? it will make me change my bias wrecker? ?
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