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Coachella ended two weeks ago but I never got the chance to do a recap on hairstyles I that caught my attention. So, here are some captures of my favorite festival hair.
This one looks like a hybrid of side French braid and messy bun. I was used to seeing really messy hairstyles for Coachella so this hybrid of side french braid and semi-messy polish bun caught my attention. With that white flower crown and white lace top combo this updo can possible pass for an outdoor bridal hairstyles.
I love love LOVE this texture of this hairstyle. The subtle waves on the front create a romantic look while the back is fun and edgy.
Here is another half-up hairstyle. I'm intrigue with this one because I can't tell if she secured it with an elastic or bobby pin. It's one of those hairstyle where I stare into it and still can't find an answer. Gorgeous hair though. I'm a big fan of those slightly slanted braid.
This updo is made of three strand braids in various size and pinned up with bobby pins.
Here is an example of decorating your hair with "faux" highlights. Those are actually extension weaved into the braid.
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I always love hair and festival trends!