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How well do you know your KBrands?
This goes out to all my fashionistas out there! #YoutooGD :* <3
Bean Pole-
ACUTALLY- The designers of the 2012 South Korean national Olympic team have been around since 1989...... (Funny how a lot of fashion brands started in the 80s.)
Their official website states, and I quote, that their clothes have a “neo traditional” look, which kind of makes sense but then again, I'm not THAT into fashion... BUT many people have mentioned that their clothes look similar to Polo by Ralph Lauren..... Oh well!
Celebrity Models: Gwyneth Paltrow, Wentworth Miller, G-Dragon, Tiffany (SNSD)
Banila B-
“Basic, Comfort, Free, and Easiness,” is the motto that Banila B targets (....according to their website). A Korean casual brand mixed with a bit of girlish vibes. If you consider yourself chic in clothing style, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CHECK THEM OUT! The brand may have been categorized as ‘basic casual’ wear with just a touch of hipster trends but "it’s a trusted brand for people who are more refined and like showing off to the general public that they are unique and have a sense for fashion." (Yes, I quote an actual critique). Pricing is not going to kill your bank account either! *cheers*
Celebrity Model: Girl’s Generation has been known to wear Banila B #nowonder! #glam
Codes Combine-
Codes Combine features the very famous Jang Keun-suk and Go Jun-hui in their advertising campaign wearing dark clothes, dark eye makeup, some form of leather pants, leopard skin, fur on men, and other super edgy Korean fashion. But that’s just the Korea. ER I MEAN- the marketing campaign.
According to their site, and trust me when I SAY that I did my research..... on more than just their site..... #oppaisbae, they’re more focused on layering and neutral tones.
For those that love to be trendy but want to keep it on a neutral side, you're welcome :*
ER-- I MEAN. Yeah. Just go. #Iregretnothing
Celebrity Model: Jang Keun-suk, Go Junhui, Jang Dong Geun, Yoon Eun Hye
Well, if I started with Mr. Fashionista himself, I gotta end with him too.
BSX is another Korean clothing brand that stays on the simple side with singular tones or simple/classic patterns. The fashion is safe, it’s affordable, and there’s G-Dragon....
Me: *Opens package from BSX* Wait a minutes.... where's my free G-Dragon?! *cries~
So which Korean brands do YOU like? :D
Let me know!
And did anyone else miss either free G-Dragon? :c
This has been SME @Sailynn, (Your S-HOPE! #longstory #pleaselemmetellyou!)
(KpopINT does not own these photos, credit goes to these amazing models, photographers, companies, and the other sources used- Gamsabnida!).
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