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You read right folks! These products are sky rocking the demand charts here in our United States soil!
Tell me, have you ever tried any of these?
Peach and Lily
Shout out to Alicia Yoon, one of the co-founders of online Asian beauty retailer Peach and Lily! Some of her bestsellers include an oil-balm cleanser, a brightening serum and a pudding-like cream, and trust me, there's MORE.
(Psstt "FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $50 + FREE SAMPLES with any purchase!"
That's what the website says...... *gets checkbook out*)
Check the site out!
Soko Glam
Charlotte Cho, the founder of K-beauty site Soko Glam, curates popular, accessible Korean products that make for great introductions to the category, there's even packages that include all the steps into Korean beauty treatments!
(Pssttt.... This site also says, FREE NEOGEN SAMPLE WITH EVERY ORDER! I don't know what that is but it says free! XD)
Give her a click!
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters added loads of Korean beauty options to its already pretty spectacular beauty department that really did a lot to bring K-beauty to the masses. Face masks in particular are flying off the shelves there and I for one am clearly guilty for being one to attack those shelves and retreat with..... um.... well you get my memo.... :3 #Iregretnothing
AmorePacific has been described as the Estée Lauder of South Korea. This company is a line that has been in the U.S. for many years, and it also owns many other brands at varying price points. Thanks to this brand, American consumers were introduced to the CC cushion compact, WHICH CAN BE BOUGHT AT SEPHORA *RUNS TO NEAREST SEPHORA*
In case you don't have time to stop by Sephora, I narrowed down the link!
AmorePacific products out of your budge? I gotchu fam! The same company also owns lower-priced, but still fabulous brand Laneige, which launched in Target in 2014! *fangirls*
I do not has link, sorry :c
But it's at Target so that's okay! :D
Anybody else gonna be broke by the end of the weekend? :D
Lemme know what you think!
This has been SME @Sailynn, (Your S-HOPE! #longstory #pleaselemmetellyou!)
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I get the snail mask from ulta and so does my sister
i use tonymoly
Ulta Beauty and Sephora now carry some TonyMoly products!!! They're fantastic and you can get reward points!!
wow I've been wanting to order some products and I wanted to do it today since I got paid..... you read my mind hahaha. thank you
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