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Yes, it's possible.

Waiting until marriage that is. To engage in sexually activity. You didn't think so? Well, today is the day you will be proven wrong. Although the idea is foreign to many, according to a thread on Reddit it's more common than you think. With a whopping 1,800 comments, it seems as if waiting until marriage as become the 'it' thing to do.
We must keep in mind that it's not a trend, it's a personal decision that should be made between two people. If you've ever considered waiting until marriage or have made a vow to do so, keep scrolling and check out the inspiring stories told by those who have made the courageous decision to simply wait.
"Next year will be our 21st anniversary. No complaints at all. Love my wife and have 3 wonderful kids. I would not have done it any other way, was just how I was brought up." —wildhermit
"Our relationship is pretty amazing. Even though we saved it for marriage, we were both plenty educated on the mechanics of everything, and neither of us had any weird hang-ups or fears about it. From my perspective, sex is a really personal, spiritual thing and I'm so glad that we've only shared that part of ourselves with each other." —mtdna_array
"It's great. I was 29 when we got married. Never regretted waiting for a second." —GreatTragedy
"My friend and his wife waited until their marriage to get down. They planned on waiting a few years to have kids. A month later the pregnancy announcement hit Facebook. When I asked him what happened he said, 'My pull out game is not strong.'" —CoolRunner
"Things are great in our marriage. We were both virgins when we got married and we have enjoyed our sexual relationship a lot over the last 11 years. More than just the waiting, our ability to respect each other, work together toward common goals, and communicate clearly and kindly has helped us." —HomeFires

If you could do it all over again, would you wait?

Do you regret your decision of not waiting if you didn't?
lol I mean things happen, but if it's only a few months i would just hold out and wait haha @danidee
definitely well said, I totally agree! it takes perseverance :) @dianes6711
@danidee nope wedding night it is. you never know what may happen between then and wedding night. One of my sons was engaged and she was pressing him to go ahead. Fortunately he didn't and since she called off everything he is so thankful that he waited. All my kids are waiting because one you give away you can't get it back.
What do you guys think about having sex when it's still a few amount of months before the wedding? My mom always told me that my parents waited, but then my older sister came into the world like six months later lol.
I do because the memories of still strong enough to invade my mind occasionally... just wish my wife would have been my first and only
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