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I wonder what her sharingan power still be if she unlocks mangekiyo
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and doesnt she have her mothers strength
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@DevilsSon yeah so far the strengths that she's demonstrated is punching. We haven't seen her use any of her clans jutsu yet in the manga, or in the movie. But her punch was a good as Sakuras punches in the beginning of shippuden when she's only twelve so she is pretty strong lol.
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@JosiahQuick let's hope she doesn't kill the pretty much only surviving sharingan holder aka her dad haha. But would be interesting. He has the eternal as well as rinnegan so she might be able to obtain something amazing if she inherits that!! @koifries idk based off the manga she only has one of the 3 marks in her sharingan awakened at this point where sasuke had 2 so visual prowess may be off but she has strength from her mothers side so that could be a back up, even though Sakura is quite the failed character lol. Haha a father daughter fight during they're youth def cool
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