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BTS new MV teaser!!
You can watch videos on V. http://www.vlive.tv/video/7881 oh my GAWD!!!! I think I'm going to die!!!! BTS you're killing me!!!
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@taetaebaozi Haha, these boys are universally worth screaming over, for both the young ladies and the "young forever" noonas like me. @heidichiesa Nice, if I didn't have to work in a little bit I would be watching it all day.
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its so good.. 💙
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@pharmgirlerin I'm a work but I sneak in a viewing ever 30 mins or so haha
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I think suga was feeling very insfired with this title
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I just want to take the time to thank God and earth and their parents thank you for creating such beautiful men who make me cry
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