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When you begin to frequent a Latin dance club, you soon realize there are just types of people there. You had expected to find a sea of suave dancers floating around the dance floor, but instead see something very, very different.

The Booty-Poppin' Dancer

Any song can be a booty song if you wish it bad enough.

The Wasted Dancer

You know you've had too much to drink when you start dancing on top of tables.

The 'Pata Sucia' Dancer

You know, the person who dances without any shoes on in a dirty-ass club.

The Hair Whip Dancer

Can't swing your hips? Just swing your hair.

The Professional Dancer

You might as well get off the dance floor. You've got serious competition.

The Hip-Hop Dancer

You gotta give up to Drake though. He had some nice moves in that music videos.

I Have No Rhythm Dancer

Rhythm can be overrated anyway, right? RIGHT?

The Couple Having Almost-Sex Dancers

Chill out, bro.

The Awkward Dancer

It's just...awk.
What kind of dancer are you?
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OMG this post was so good. I'd love to go dancing sometime! I'd have to say I'm probably...the hair whip dancer. You gotta work that hair!
Probably the "pata sucia." x) Only is my feet are really killing, and I always have socks. Otherwise, the booty popper.
you ladies crack me up. good stuff 馃憣馃憣
A mix between the awkward dancer and the no rhythm dinner.
Give it up for the awkward dancers!!