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Here's another reason why you should simply HOLD IT when you have to go to the bathroom and the only facility to go is a porta-potty.
A 21-year-old Australian man was rushed to the hospital after being bit ON THE PENIS by a poisonous Redback spider. While anti-venom exists for such a bite, the toxins make the pain out of this world!
These spiders congregate mostly around human domains, which is CREEPY! They feed on bugs and other spiders.
I've never been to Australia, but if I do go, I am checking for spiders EVERYWHERE!
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wait but how? wouldn't you see it crawling on you?
@VIPFreak2NE1 nope, not at all. when a man sits down to go #2, the genitals are inside the bowl.
@marshalledgar oh I thought this was a #1 case馃槄 my bad...Poor guy...
@VIPFreak2NE1 it's all good
@marshalledgar that would hurt!!!