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What kind of sacrifice does it take to be worthy of love of loving someone of being loved of bearing their pain of piercing your heart in order to stay true to your heart to your conscience to your illusions what does it take to love? what does it take to say goodbye and yet remember the sweetness of those words? Can a human heart stay sane and whisper love or the illusion of love without losing hope?
Deeply nice and well said. I read that several times and it's quite nice to read such depth of this mind.
I think when you are 'in love' it is hard not to love someone because of certain qualities. I think though that in all kinds of love, sharing and giving does form a big part of it. Not because you HAVE to give something of yourself, but because you naturally become part of someone's life and your thoughhts, actions and time just starts melting together. I think that you do have a point. You should not lose youself and change your personality to please someone or win their affections. You should stay true to yourself and this person.
sorry for the long comment,i just read someone autobiography and got me all into that mood. love the poem tho, a very true question.
thank you very much!
I really liked this poem good work keep it up
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