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I'm really surprised not many have mentioned this yet!! Woohyun is coming out with a solo and it's something I've been waiting for since Sunggyu came out!! *happy belated bday though!! I haven't had time to make a card for him ):* can't wait for it to come out ^_^
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Girl I have been ready for a Woohyun Solo since I heard him sing the first time! I can't wait for it to come out.
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@Sammie99522 ahh I know! I recently became a fan within the last year and barely found out gyu had solos a few months back lol so from then on been waiting for woohyun ^_^
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@JessAS I've been an inspirit for 3 years or more now and I'm super excited that Woohyun is finally getting his solo he has been joking about it for so long now.
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