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Do you or Having you ever kept a journal or diary? If so, do (did) you write about events, emotions, or both? Was is a good experience/helpful for you? Comment below!
(This is actually for a school project so I'd love to know what everyone's thoughts are! (: Thanks!)
I usually inspire myself, I write about how things are going to change soon and how I will be ready because I will prepare. a lot of challenges and plans, and of course I try to write as charismatic as I can for training. as if someone else is gonna read as well. :)
I used to write in a journal. Now I just blog because I am a slow writer anyway. I used to write both events and how I was feeling.
I've written a lot about this, I think it helps to get the thoughts out, even if you're not a professional writer, you can still articulate and give yourself that bit of time and respect. :)
I think it's more about the fact that everyone has things they can't tell to anyone else. It's a way to be able to get things off your chest without having to tell people a secret that we would rather keep to ourself. Also it's a great way to always have the memories of different stages of your life so you can look back a remember. Hope this helps 😊
@TessStevens @alywoah Thanks, fams! I appreciate your share! :D
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