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Hello Z Warriors!

It's time for a mid week mini challange!

We're over the hump of the week and it's time for a mini Dragon Ball challenge.

You know gathered the seven Dragon Balls what will you wish for?

All bets are off Shenron's power is unlimited if you could have anything you want what will it be?

Let me know in the comments below!!

Thanks for reading Z Warriors and don't forget to Rock the Dragon!

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@TBird it's for the greater good of the planet
2 years ago·Reply
I would wish for the ability to control time and space. therefore anything I wanted to become a reality is my new reality. To live as a member of fairy tail. Become the main character in an harem. Jessica nigri is all mine
2 years ago·Reply
@ShadowHudson2 I want that now too
2 years ago·Reply
wish u don't scatter when I make a wish
2 years ago·Reply
to go to Naruto and see Kakashi's face and have chakra
a year ago·Reply