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He looked like heaven I looked like hell I wonder what it means To fall in this spell Of rain and madness Absolute sadness Crushing down in the spell of romance Loving you was beautiful Unfortunately that ended Because you took my heart And you crushed it into pieces Reveling all the kisses Of lost hope and despair Misery and stress Bending down on my knees Screaming for him Numb pain inside Trying to analyze the reality Of our sinner's hopes That carry this hold Of power and sour lies Dynamic skies Bending my innocent heart And ending my historic part So loving you was hard Because reality is ugly And our carriages are empty But forever holding a piece inside of me Because that's all that reminds me Of me and you And now I'm just hoping That one day you'll return In this sovereignty of despair //written by me 🌻
So amazing!!!
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Awesome! Now I must find tissue because you made me cry.
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