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Women take pride in two things: their eyebrows and their eyelashes.
We live in a generation where if you can't grow them yourself, you'll buy it or better yet -- create it.
Don't worry, nobody is judging you. 75% of women fill in their brows or applying lashes daily. It's life.
So, ladies my question for you today is:

Which one do you take more pride in, your eyebrows or your eyelashes?

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Lol well that's definitely a compliment @primodiva93
@jordanhamilton haha I don't have much lashes to work with so brows it is.
I think brows are always great!! They make the face in my opinion @Bakaausagi
@jordanhamilton that's true imagine a person with no brows馃槖 lashes also make your eyes appear bigger
Yes!! Lashes definitely accentuate your eyes. @Bakaausagi