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My favorite broship would be Killua and Gon from Hunter X Hunter. Why? Because I like the fact that Gon is Killua's light. Killua was born into a family of assassins, ever since he was a kid he had to kill and live in the darkness. Never actually enjoying his life as a kid. Or having a friend standing next to him and helping I'm out. Then Gon came along and because Killua's friend and showed him there are other ways to handle stuff than killing. Also that friends will always be there for each other and have each others back.
@LuffyNewman I feel you on that
These 2 seriously would do anything for each other whether it be life limb or eyesight loss they know no bounds for friendship!! True bonds and love!!
killua is my favorit lol I think in any anime the person with the electric power is my gave except one piece
Same they're my fav bro ship they're best friend goals
@JosiahQuick haha yeah eneru kinda was a loser when up against Luffy bc his rubber haha was a good fight but I agree with you even though he was pretty badass before Luffy ruined it all!!
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