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AOA, standng for Ace of Angels, will be coming back sometime in the middle of May!
Now, I may not be into girl groups so much but we still gotta give some lovin' to these spicy chicas for their hard efforts!
(And I've been wanting to get into girl groups..... can someone make me a guide? X3)
Signed with FNC Entertainment, the agency has also revealed that the girls have finished making their m/v for their comeback!
Knowing these ladies, all I can say that it's gonna be #fireemoji
Here are some of the songs I listen to the most from them! :D
(Mainly because they make me feel pretty BA ;))
What are your thoughts?
How much are you into girl groups?
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a lot into girl groups. ..specially AOA woohoo! ><
@kpop2001 ~ That is TRUE dedication right there! <3 ~SailynnSailin'Out
on a scale of 1-10 im 11 into girl groups