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Last year there was more drama in the Blink 182 camp than at a high school lunch table. Long time guitarist and sometimes singer Tom DeLonge was ousted from the group due to creative differences and probably an overall frustration.
Blink 182 wouldn't lay down that easily though, recruiting Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio and dubbing themselves the new incarnation of the pop-punk heavyweight champ.
The new single, "Bored To Death" brings back vibes from bassist Mark Hoppus' and drummer Travis Barker's mid-2000's side project +44. It drips with melancholy and the idea that everything has to end, including life.
The verses are split between Hoppus and Skiba, but the harmonies create a treble-y vibe that makes the track undeniably unique.
It's dark, and definitely has that trademark Alkaline Trio macabre lyrical content, "And it's a long way back from 17 / the whispers turn into a scream / and I'm not coming home / save your breath / I'm nearly bored to death and fading fast."
The upcoming album entitled, "California" has ben a series of rewrites and trashing of songs. Much like Green Day's 2004 masterpiece, American Idiot a lot of the songs were scrapped midway through the recording sessions.
Of course there are some clearly classic Blink 182 elements at play here, like the echo laden first bars that reminded me a lot of some of the tracks on their self-titled. "Feeling This" is a definite sister.
Reports surfaced after the release of "Bored to Death" that Tom DeLonge is still in the band. The single is so good that I'm not so sure that's the truth.
Their new record "California" will be available on July 1st, but is currently available for pre-order.
I did too haha
Yeah I got ya @Reallity I really liked Boxcar Racer
So weird that I'm reading this AS I'm listening to the new song !!!!!
I grew up with them. Thank you though. To me it is missing something, and yes I have kept up with them. I'm saying if you like +44 you will like this. I only liked their hit single. Aside from that I didn't care for it. This single from the upcoming album sounds exactly like +44. This is why I'm saying I'm dissapointed. I expect blink-182, not +44. But if you like +44 I expect people to like this.
@Reallity sorry to hear that :/ I kind of took to them a bit more than Angels and Airwaves. Have you heard Boxcar Racer, might be more your speed? It's a Travis, Mark project. The Transplants are another cool Blink project too. Tim Armstrong from Rancid is in it.
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