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I hope my love feels better soon! This seriously broke my heart when I saw it!

I hope he gets plenty of rest and is able to rejoin the other boys soon.

After all it wouldn't be Got7 without JB... it would be... Got6? *gasp* That sounds horrible! It doesn't flow off my tongue like Got7 does. lol
Call me lazy... but I was so tired of typing ^ that out... lol :)

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Aww I really hope he is okay & that he recovers soon because, like you said, it wouldn't be Got7 without JB! 😭❤️💕
Get well soon JB! Hang in there Got7! You're fans are here for you! So rest comfortably~ 🤗
tag me for future cards please. I know this is old. Glad JB is better. He was wonderful in concert in Atlanta.