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There's been a lot of news abut Doom for the past couple of months. But most of the things I heard about it had to do with its multiplayer component. And while that's cool -- for some people -- I grew up loving Doom for its single player campaign.
Ending up on Mars and fighting demons was fun for me and my brother. So when I came across this video earlier this morning, I just had to watch it. Even if it was more than an hour long.
Usually with previews like this, I don't really like to watch the whole thing because I like to go into games unsullied (for the most part). But it feels different with Doom. There isn't really much of a story that I'm excited for when it comes to Doom, I just want some fast and action-packed gameplay.
And from what I've seen from this video so far (I'm about 40 minutes in), it really looks like something that's a lot of fun. It doesn't look like it's trying to take itself too seriously but boy, it sure does look like something I could lose hours playing. I'm really impressed at the way they mixed some of the old mechanics with new ones in order to make Doom look/feel relevant again.
I can't wait for this one to come out. Any of you guys going to pick this one up?