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As the Fairy Tail Giveaway challenge is winding down to a close, we're sharing exactly why we love Fairy Tail!

My First

One of the reasons I love Fairy Tail is probably because it was one of the first anime I actually got into! I credit Fairy Tail and Soul Eater jointly as my firsts as they were a little intertwined. Here's a bit of my journey to explain how that goes: Though I remember loving Pokemon and Sailor Moon and stuff as a kid, I wasn't really super religiously into it. I always loved anime, I think for the art style, mostly, but it was more something that was appealing to me than something I was into. Then some friends dragged me to Anime Club after school one day where we watched some Soul Eater, and I loved it, but didn't continue it at the time. A couple years later, my college roommate introduced me to Fairy Tail! I didn't have Netflix at the time, but she let me watch on her account and I binged the shit out of it! A year later, my dad caved and started a Netflix account for the family, so naturally, the first thing I did was finish Soul Eater, remember that incident in high school. After binging a few others between episodes of Supernatural (I had to complete my SuperWhoLock trifecta, the beginning of my descent into total fangirlhood - and everyone knows Dean Winchester loves his anime!), like Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist, I went back and rewatched Fairy Tail, this time exploring out into the internet a little to find that there was so much more!
There are so many reasons that have kept Fairy Tail so high in my list of favorites! Let's see if I can rattle some off...

Aesthetically Pleasing

Now, I tend to look at deeper stuff than just looks, and I'm not big on fan service, but those hunky Fairy Tail boys are definitely a bit of a hook, and the girls are nothing to scoff at either! I may or may not have had an insta-crush on Gray, but you can't prove anything!


To earn my love you've got to make me care; you've got to touch my heart, make me hurt, learn, smile, cry, gasp, and drown in everything the story has to offer. I feel that Fairy Tail is among the top executors of this principle.


I love the serious stuff, but I'm all about that perfect balance between all that and the humor to let it breathe! I've got to squeal with uncontrollable glee just as much as I cry with heartache! And, as high as Fairy Tail scores in feels, it's got plenty of laughs to match! Fairy Tail pretty much hits all ends of every spectrum!

Part of That World

Never have I felt as much desire to run away to a fictional world than I do with Fairy Tail. It's so adventurous and magical and inviting, and the sense of family within the guild is just so beautiful! Fairy Tail is always my top choice to "which world would you pick" queries, and I wish to become a part of it more than anything else!
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Wonderful card, I liked the way you explained each part( I was too lazy to 😂). I agree, the show is very aesthetically pleasing.... especially Erza 😚 lol
You pretty much covered every reason why I love it so much :3
@tylor619cruz Thanx! I try! No doubt I'll come up with tweaks and edits I won't be able to stop myself from adding later, but after the long prologue, I didn't wanna drone on too much!