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(Play the Intro First before reading) *The Day is June 12th, it has been two months since Chitoge has moved in with Zakku and Enju, Zakku's life has been filled to the brim with happiness, but this day marks a day that He's never forgetten, that day Thirteen years ago, the day where he lost his parents in a fire and his younger brother in front of his very eyes.* *We find Zakku walking down path made of stone in a cemetery, He is dressed in a black suit and has three bouquets of flowers, He has a very solemn look on his face* It's been 13 years since I lost you three, and not a day goes by where I wish you were still here with me Mom, Dad, Jakku.* Zakku reaches the site of his family's grave under a Cherry Blossom tree, Zakku's eyes are glistening with tears while he looks at the gravestones of his family, He smiles as a tear rolls down his face* I'm back and have I got a story to tell you.* Zakku begins to tell his story of how he has become a father and has a small family of his own, and hour passes Zakku begins to feel tired and looks over at the Cherry Blossom tree* Hey I'm gonna go take a nap but I'll be right under the tree.* Zakku walks around to the his family's gravestones and lays underneath the Tree and falls asleep* Meanwhile two cloaked figures Appear in front of Zakku as he sleeps, One figure snickers and says to the other* This is the newest Magic King Candidate?!? 'E's nothing but a 'uman, 'E doesn't look so tough. Are you sure 'E's the one?* The other cloaked figure scoffs at the other* Tch, Numbskull! Do you not trust Bile-sama's prophecy? 'Is prophecy fortold that a new Magic King Candidate will appear in this world and bring chaos and despair among everything in his wake. Our job as Bile-sama's disciples is to scout the areas most visited by this boy and to determine if this Boy is what Bile-sama says 'E is. Then we both turn tail and report back and let 'Is Army take care of the rest. We aren't able to harm this Boy under any circumstances.* The second cloaked figure looks at the other and is still confused* So... uhh is this Boy the new Magic King Candidate or not?* The smarter cloaked figure answers* This is the One I'm sure of it, We must have Bile-sama ready a small band of 100 Uruks at once and start their mission to capture this boy* Both figures snicker and disappear into the Darkness, Shortly after Levi, Liese, Akio and Lilith appear in front of a Sleeping Zakku, Levi and the others look at him, Levi says* Looks like you've already been targeted by a Demon and his Armies My King, but there is nothing to worry about, we will protect you this time, We can't have you dying or getting before your Magic King powers awaken.* Liese looks at Zakku and smiles* He's got a very cute sleeping face, Maybe just one ki...* Liese Leans in to to try and kiss him, but Lilith walks behind Liese and Karate chops her on top of her head, Liese grabs the top of her head and wimpers as a red bump swells up, Lilith says* Stay focused Liese-san, remember His life is in Danger and he has a small family of his own, remember?* Liese replies gleefully* I don't mind that, I've always dreamed of being a mistress of a Magic King!* Lilith let's out a huge sigh and replies* Liese-san your impossible to deal with* Akio walks between them* Calm down you two we need to report back to the Headmaster and prepare to kick some Uruk ass.* Levi Smiles* I couldn't agree more with Akio, Let's go.* The Girls Vanish from sight leaving a Sleeping Zakku alone in his world of dreams, He appears to be sleeping soundly, or is He?*
*Deep within Zakku's Psyche He wakes up to a never ending nightmare as He is a helpless child running down his neighborhood that is burning down to the Ground, Little Zakku is frantically running to his house* No This can't be happening!!! What is going on?!?* Little Zakku sees 5 small velociraptor looking Gastrea cornering his Brother, He calls out* JAKKUUUUUU!!!!*Jakku Looks up and sees his Big Brother, he is Frightened and calls out* Big Brother!!!*Zakku has seconds to act, Zakku spots a lead pipe, picks it up and charges in to protect his little brother**Zakku runs up behind the Gastrea closest to his brother and swings the Lead pipe with all of his might and hits the Gastrea on the side of the head, The Gastrea shrieks and 4 other heads turn towards Zakku, Little Zakku grits his teeth together* I have to protect my little brother! I'm the big brother and that's my job! * The Raptor pack move closer towards Zakku, He readies for the fight of his young life, He calls out to Jakku* Jakku, HURRY AND GET OUT OF HERE I'LL KEEP THESE THINGS BUSY!!*Jakku Looks at his Brother with tears of anger in his eyes, Zakku Yells again* I Got this, You get out of here NOW!!* *Little Zakku is now surrounded by the 5 Gastrea, They are moving closer and closer towards him, He looks over and sees his little brother running away, but his eyes notices a 6th Raptor stalking his little brother, The Raptor Charges at Jakku and knocks him down on the ground and begins Slashing and biting away at Jakku's flesh, His Screams are blood-curling, Zakku tries to fight through the Raptor pack to save his little brother, but is brought down by the Pack* the first Raptor roars and it's claw gouges out Little Zakku's Right eye, next the second and third Raptor grab and tear off his Right Arm and his Left Leg, Zakku's consciousness is fading in and out as the fourth Raptor takes half of his Right leg, the Fifth Raptor begins to circle around the others and stops in front of Zakku's face and gets ready to finish the job* As soon as the Raptor goes in for the Kill, Gunfire rings out from a distance and Piercing the Lead Raptor, killing it instantly, The other 5 Raptors turn tail and run but they don't get far, a voice calls out* LIEUTENANT WE HAVE A SURVIVOR!! IT'S A LITTLE KID, BUT HE'S IN REAL BAD SHAPE!! HE'S BEEN SEVERELY MANGLED! * Little Zakku is lying in a pool of his own blood, bleeding and barely Breathing* A Young Male Lieutenant looks down mortified, and back at his partner* PREPARE THE EVAC UNIT AND HURRY!* He looks at a Mangled Zakku* You're gonna be alright Kid, I Promise! Just Hang in there!* In that instance, Zakku wakes up and his heart is beating out of his chest and Starts to calm himself down* Easy, Zakku, Easy! It was just a Dream!* Zakku's mind* No it wasn't a dream, That's what happened, I couldn't save my little brother* Tears fall from Zakku's eyes as he looks at Jakku's gravestone, He Falls to his knees* I'm so sorry Jakku! If I was stronger back then I would've been able to save you! I never Forgave myself for letting them take you away! That's why I vow to destroy anyone and anything that threatens my family, So please, Watch over My Family and I!* After a short moment of Silence Zakku begins to walk away, An Image of a little boy appears with a big smile on his face* I can't wait to see you again Big Brother. I'll watch over you from now on, and don't worry I forgive you. I'm always with you in your heart.* A Breeze blows through Zakku's Crimson hair, His Cell phone rings* I forgot I told Chitoge I'd be here for a couple hours, then I'd be back home in time for lunch! What time is it?* He checks the his clock, it's thing and he begins to shake* She's gonna kill me..* Zakku opens his phone and a Voice Shouts over the speaker* ZAKKU WHERE ARE YOU? YOU SAID YOU'D BE HOME BY NOW, DID YOU FALL ASLEEP AGAIN? * Zakku replies nervously* Y-yea I... kinda did, I'm on my way back now, I'm sorry I spaced out for a few hours, I'll see you soon* On the other end of the Line, Chitoge hangs up, She sighs* Hurry back, I just want to tell you that I love you and missed you all day.* 15 minutes later, Zakku arrives back home* Anybody Home? I'm sorry I'm back so late!* Zakku begins searching around the house, a door opens and Enju pops her head out, She smiles and jumps in his arms* Welcome home Papa! I missed you today* Zakku smiles and replies* I missed you too kiddo! Sorry for coming back so late! Have you seen Momma anywhere?* Well we were playing earlier today she said she was feeling sleepy so she probably went to take a nap.* Zakku smiles* I see... She scolds me for falling asleep under a tree in the middle of the day... I see how it is* Enju looks at her Papa, Zakku says* I'll be back in a few minutes, I'm gonna go check on her.* Enju smiles* OK Papa!* Zakku smiles and walks down the hallway down to his bedroom and opens the door and he sees Chitoge sleeping on his side of the bed all snuggled up with his pillow, He walks over to her and gently touches kisses her cheek, lays next to her and says* I'm home, Chitoge-chan.* Chitoge opens up her sleepy eyes and sees Zakku, She rolls over to Him and wraps her arms around him and kisses him* Welcome home, Darling! I missed you! *Zakku smiles and rolls her on top of Him and kisses her* I missed you too! I'm sorry I came home a bit late on my day off no less, now I feel bad that I didn't have much time to spend with you two.* Chitoge smiles and replies* It's alright, today was the anniversary of the day you lost your family, and you always would stay there for a while as it is. I can forgive that, although it was a very lonely day for Enju-chan and I but we found something to do while we waited for you to come back, So it's alright.* Chitoge looks at Zakku, She leans in closer and kisses him passionately* I love you Zakku!* Zakku Holds Chitoge close and replies* I love you both so much, and I promise to protect you two.* Chitoge looks at Zakku and asks* Hey I wanna try and Cook tonight, is that alright? You can help me too if you want.* Zakku laughs* You wanna become a better cook, don't you?* Chitoge smiles and replies* Yea if I'm going to be a your Bride I have to improve in my cooking and other things* Zakku smiles and sits up* Come on Let's go!!* Zakku and Chitoge walk into the kitchen and So begins her training to become Zakku's bride*
*Meanwhile in a Forest on the Far End of the West side of the City, We happen upon Levi, Liese, Lilith, and Akio Standing in the middle of an open area, They are all prepared for an Ambush attack, Lilith asks* Does everyone understand the Headmaster's plan?* Liese replies gleefully* Yeeep, We have to protect Our Baby Magic King Candidate from any danger before his Magic King Energy Begins to awaken!* Lilith sighs* There's alot more to it than that Liese-san!* Liese replies gleefully* I know the plan already, Lilith-Sensei don't stress out so much you'll get wrinkles by the age of 25.* Lilith's face is Beet red* Why would you say that? I'm not that stressed!!* Akio and Levi are laughing, Levi chimes in* Yea You're totally stressed out to the max right now!* Lilith is fuming and she Materializes a small pistol* I'm not stressed out, take back what you said* Suddenly the ground starts to rumble, The girls are alerted and are now Standing back-to-back-to-back-to-back as they are now surrounded by 100 hundred Uruks, Lilith yells* Akio and Levi split up, Liese you're with me!* Levi, Liese and Akio* YES MA'AM!* Levi's mind* And So it begins, My King* Akio Clenches her fists* I'm getting Psyched now* Levi, Liese, Akio and Lilith* If you want to get to the Magic King you're going to have to through us! Don't underestimate the Trinity Seven of Royal Biblia Academy!*
*Liese and Lilith Engage the Uruks, Lilith chants as she Materializes a large amount of guns Floating around her* REALIZE: TELLURIC BUSTER! * Lilith Fires a Barrage of condensed Magic Energy Piercing through 10 Uruks, killing them instantly* Liese is in the middle fighting 15 Uruks on her own, Lilith Locks onto her the 15 Uruks and Calls out to Liese* Liese-san, I'm firing your way* Liese responds* Roger that, Sensei! Looks like play time is over boys!* Lilith Materializes a massive Anti-tank rifle, and Fires a large Burst of Magic energy, Liese warps away as soon as the the Mass Magic Energy disintegrates the other 15 Uruks, Liese appears next to Lilith* You never miss Do you Sensei?* Liese Smiles* I can't let you have all the fun though, You take a break for a couple minutes, I've got these last 20 taken care of don't you worry, I'll signal you when I'm ready!* Lilith responds* Got it!* Liese warps away appears in front of the remaining 20 Uruks, Liese smiles and sticks her tongue out and runs her hands down her curves* Hey there boys, how about we play a little game of tag, First one who catches me gets to takes this pretty lady home? Interested?* The Uruks begin take notice of Liese and begin to pursue her, Lilith's face is Beet red* What a Shameless Strategy, but that's Liese for you I guess* Lilith's mind* Ok Lilith Focus you Magic energy, be confident in your partner she's buying you time... focus.... focus* Liese's voice calls out* Uhhhhh... Lilith-Sensei sorry to bother you in the middle of your concentration, but it seems like I've been caught* Lilith looks up at a smiling Liese who seems to be surrounded by the 20 remaining, Lilith yells* YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!* Lilith's mind* Wait that was sarcasm, She's got gears turning in that head of hers! My Magic is on its last legs here, I've got one shot at this* Liese calls out again and winks at Lilith* Oh No looks I'm GOing Home with all of you* Lilith Sees the signal, Liese snaps her finger and Binds the remaining 20 Uruks with Ligare * Understood! REALIZE: HELLMICK BUSTER!!!* Lilith has created an even more Massive Anti-tank rifle, locks onto her target and Fires an even Bigger Burst of Magic, Before Liese warps away she sticks her tongue out and says* Sorry Boys, My body belongs to my Magic King and him alone, Adieu!* She warps away as HELLMICK BUSTER'S attack Destroys The Uruks and some parts of the Forest* Not to far away Levi and Akio* Hear the Rumble of Lilith's last Attack, Levi looks at Akio who has already taken down around 10 Uruks and is engaged in combat with 10 others, Akio Activates her Thema Mantra Enchant, She smiles* Sorry guys you have no chance against Levi and I, We're first and second Strongest Battle Mages in the world *Akio charges in and quickly takes down the 10 Uruks* Phewwww I'm beat! How about I leave the last thirty to you Levi.* Levi Replies with a smile as she dodges oncoming attacks from left and right * I was expecting you to say that! Sure, I don't mind it at! In fact, I was hoping to demonstrate this new technique I mastered not quite long ago!* Levi Smiles and Pulls out a scroll, puts it in her mouth and Dashes towards the Uruks, Levi begins to chant* Re-Connecting to the Invidia Archive, Execute Thema!* Levi Disappears from Akio's and the Uruks view* Ninja Art: Shadowless Slash!* Out of Nowhere all thirty remaining Uruks appear to be taking heavy damage from Levi's attack, Levi reappears* I expected much more from all of you* She sheaths her sword and as a shower of blood soon follows, Liese and Lilith appear, Lilith says* We're done with everything on our end! How about you guys?* Akio responds* Yep Levi just finished off the last 30 on her own, these Uruks had no idea what hit them!* Levi Smiles devilishly* I expected more out of these so called Uruks, but I guess even an Awesome Ninja such as myself can overdo it a little!* The Four Girls look up at the sky, Levi's mind* So it begins, a War for the Power of a Magic King. What will you do? Will you Fall into Darkness or remain in the Light? Will you protect Everyone from the upcoming invasion? I already know the answer from watching you fight and save the ones you love. I want to hear your answer for myself. Until then you are safe, for now My King.* Lilith says* Alright since we're all done here, Let's report back to the Headmaster!* The Four Girls vanish*
I hope You guys enjoy Chapter 4! I really enjoy writing stuff like this!! LOOKS LIKE THINGS ARE HEATING UP! WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE NEXT CHAPTER!! ALL YOU CAN DO IS STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER OF THE BIONIC MAGIC KING!!! Tagging Fellow Readers: @Aimebolanos @tylor619cruz @SAMURXAI @SimoneSanders @NeckoNecko @DesiphirXIII @simplynick @dyechris120
@SAMURXAI I got you covered lol
I have cards of Levi, Liese Lilith and Akio in my Collection I have their What their personalities are like for them
@tylor619cruz Right!?! I had to brighten up the mood somehow after all that went down glad you aren't squeamish lol
Damn Zakku got fucked up by some raptor gastrea 😢 but without that he wouldn't be the bionic magic king... just a magic king ( not as cool 😂)...... And that Chitoge & Zakku action 😏
Word. that'll help.
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