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Kim SungGyu, leader of korean boy band INFINITE, has finally become 27 (28 in S.Korea).
Kim SungGyu has been my #1 bias ever since I got to know INFINITE. He pushed through my perfectly made list of biases and took his spot as the king. But this card isnt about how much I love SungGyu and wish he was mine. Its just about Gyuzizi and his adorableness.
SungGyu has one of the better vocals (live included) in the kpop industry (just my opinion). He always matches his emotions with the songs he sings. He has a more cheerful voice with the group, but his solos bring out SungGyu's mature side (if you listen to his albums, you'll notice the difference in tone between when he is with INFINITE and when its just him). Besides being an excellent vocalist, he' also a great leader. Although the members make fun of him and he gets angry at times, he really loves them and treats them like his dongsaengs.
And he is absolutely adorkable!
At times he is really cute and at other times...
....*wipes drool*.... He is so sexy!
He shines the most when he sings.
Then there are times when he becomes Gyuzizi! Once again, Happy Birthday Gyu! Hope you had an amazing birthday! On behalf of everyone, I wish you all the best in life!
Gyu eating because we all need a little bit of hamsterGyu in action.
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happy birthday my love!