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I realize I wear this shirt atleast every week, haha!! Of course out of the 20+ anime and custom made anime shorts I have that's all I wear is anime clothes but this is by far my favorite shirt, so sad it's fading away!! I need to buy another one again, love this shirt and love Fairy Tail!! Btw can I say how sexy Erza is!! I mean a literal 10/10 everywhere everyway!! And of course my OP straw hat necklace that's my good luck charm, never leaves me or gets taken off!! For reals!! Anime is life!! Fairy Tail believer!!
Your right, this is a unique shirt, the winged chick on nthe front isn't that bad either, I always liked the color maroon. The Ferry on the front with the sword also looks kind of like the ferry tattoo above my heart even know my ferries sitting down she still holds a sword like the one on your fav. shirt too.
awesome thanks so much I got my first anime shirt last week,from loot anime @LuffyNewman
I have a tag I ordered from a custom design place online but can't remember the site!! I think it's called or something close I know that much!! @Thatperson512 @TBird
Yo where did you get this?! Haha
@sammcallister that's sweet if have to check that tattoo for sure!! This is one of the main characters of the widely known anime Fairy Tail!! Love that anime!! Erza is an amazing and strong person!! Yeah this shirt really exposes her fully as just simple clothes to cover herself and her swords for fighting, not huge armor or anything crazy, which I like this also since it shows her attributes, well used to before it got so worn out haha!!
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